Creative Inspire A50 2.0 (51MF1675AA001) Активни колони

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Тип система  2.0
RMS мощност  1.6 W
Честотна област 100 - 15000 Hz
Дистанционно Не

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Creative A50
USB-powered 2.0 Desktop Speakers

Designed to be practical and simple to use, the A50 is powered by USB and delivers quality sounding audio for your notebook or desktop PC via its 3.5mm stereo jack that ensures audio connectivity across a wide range of devices.

Powered by USB
A USB port is all it takes to power up the A50. Simply plug it to your computer - no power adapter needed!

Built-in bass port
Designed with a built-in bass port, the A50 gives you extended bass for your music while taking up minimal space on your desk.

Easy connectivity
The 3.5mm stereo jack gives you audio connectivity to a wide array of audio devices.

Magnetically shielded satellites

A50 is perfect for any notebook or PC setup and you can also place the speakers near your CRT display without any worries! The speakers' magnetic shields ensure that magnetic interference does not affect your display equipment.

System Configuration 2.0 system
Dimensions 163.0 x 74.0 x 83.0 mm
Weight Left Satellite: 239 g
Right Satellite: 280 g
Connector Type Stereo Jack
Color Black

System Requirements:
USB power via desktop or laptop USB ports
Analog audio devices with a 3.5mm stereo output Продукт известен още и като Inspire A 50 2 0 51 MF 1675 AA 001, InspireA502051MF1675AA001, Inspire A50 2.0 (51MF1675AA 001)
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