Eaton 9PX 6000i RT3U Netpack (9PX6KIRTN)

Офертите за продукта

Изходна мощност5400 VA
Ефективна мощност6000 W
Мощностен фактор 0.9
Максимално изходно напрежение240 V
Тегло48 кг

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9PX 6000i RT3U Netpack

Topology On-line double conversion with PFC (Power Factor Correction) system
Configuration Rack/Tower
Rating (VA/Watts) 6000/5400
Dimensions (H x W x D, mm) 440 x 130 x 685
Weight (kg) 48
Rail Kit Included Yes

Electrical Input:
Input Voltage Range 176-276V without derating (up to 100–276V with derating)
Nominal Voltage 200/208/220/230/240V
Frequency 50/60 Hz autoselection
Frequency Range 40-70 Hz
Short Circuit Current 90 A
THDI 150%: 500ms
Efficiency (Normal Mode) Up to 94% in Online mode, 98% in Hi-Efficiency mode
Output Frequency 50/60 Hz autoselect, frequency converter as standard
Load Crest Factor 3:1

Battery Management ABM® and Temperature compensated charging method (user selectable), automatic battery test, deep discharge protection, automatic recognition of external battery units.
Extended Battery Capability EBM (3U)

User Interface Multilingual graphical LCD display
Communication Ports 1 Network management card, 1 USB port, 1 RS232 serial port (USB and RS232 ports cannot be used simultaneously), 4 dry contacts (DB9), 1 mini terminal block for remote On/Off and 1 for remote power Off, 1 DB15 for parallel operation Продукт известен още и като 9 PX 6000 i RT 3 U Netpack 9 PX 6 KIRTN, 9PX6000iRT3UNetpack9PX6KIRTN, 9 PX 6000i RT3U Netpack (9 PX6KIRTN), 9PX 6000i RT3U Netpack (9PX6 KIRTN)
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