Avers Solaris 40-23 Прожекционни екрани



Ширина400 см
Височина254 см

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Avers Електрически екран за стена 400/230 см SOLARIS White

Small size white powder painted aluminum alloy case with color elements
Perfect fat projection area due to the side tension system
High perceived contrast ratio and picture brightness
due to black berders surounding picture area
Easy to install
Invisible installation brackets for wall or ceiling installation included
More space for installation of other devices directly under the screen
due to surface retracted at the front side of casing
Easy integration with external control systems
2 year warranty (door to door)
Extended 5 year warranty for electric motor device
Customized screen program capable

Picture area width: 300cm
16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratios
Picture area width: 300cm
Dedicated fabrics:
for home cinema: Matt Grey g=0,8, Matt White g=1,0,
for presentation: Matt White g=1,0
80mm rolling tube diameter
Wire steering with the wall switch included
Motor cable lead out from left side of casing Продукт известен още и като Solaris 40 23, Solaris4023, Solaris40-23
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