MEE audio Pinnacle P1 Слушалки

Офертите за продукта

Минимална честота 20 Hz
Максимална честота 20000 Hz
Чувствителност 95 dB

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With its proprietary acoustic design and innovative zinc-alloy construction, the MEE audio Pinnacle P1 delivers a timeless combination of beauty and performance. High-fidelity in-ear headphones utilize an advanced moving coil transducer and acoustic diffuser tuned to recreate music tracks with maximum clarity and resolution. Balanced frequency response with superb handling of spatial cues for the ultimate concert-in-your-head experience. Built to last with zinc alloy housings and interchangeable, replaceable cables. Unique ergonomic design can be worn two different ways and fits all ears comfortably. Includes protective carrying case, 3 sets of Comply memory foam eartips, 6 sets of silicone eartips, and extra cable with mic and remote for phones/tablets. Frequency response: 20 - 20 kHz. Sensitivity: 95 +/1 3 dB / 1 kHz. Impedance: 50 Ohm. Продукт известен още и като Pinnacle P 1, PinnacleP1
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