HP C7115A Тонер касети, мастилени касети

HP C7115A Тонер касети, мастилени касети

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The HP C7115A Ultraprecise Print Cartridge is designed to work precisely withthe HP LaserJet 1000/1200/3300 Series printers for output that is always clear, always sharp. Ultraprecise advancements and an economical price provide anideal cartridge solution for the low-volume user who values HP reliability andquality with every printed page. Ultraprecise advancements in the C7115Acartridge include dual polymer toner for fine details and a helical rollerdrive mechanism for eliminating banding and uneven grey areas. Yield: 2,500pages at 5% average coverage.  

Features & Benefits:

  • Crisp and sharp quality output for professional documents.  
  • Consistent and reliable printing from the first page to the last.  
  • No more banding - even when toner levels are becoming low.
  • Sensitive OPC drum reduces gear chatter, which can cause uneven shades ofgrey.  
  • Magnetic seals lock the toner inside the cartridge to prevent leakage.  
  • Competitive cost-per-page and excellent cost-per-copy.  
  • The HP C7115A Standard Capacity Print Cartridge will produce around 2,500pages, the HP C7115X Maximum Capacity Print Cartridge will produce around 3,500pages.   

Compatibility: < /STRONG> hp LaserJet 1000, hp LaserJet1200/1200n/1220, hp LaserJet 3300mfpseries.       

Продукт известен още и като C 7115 A, C 7115A, C7115 A
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