HP Quadro 5000 2.5GB GDDR5 320bit PCIe (WS096AA) Видео карти

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Тип на слота  PCI-Express
Видео чипсет NVIDIA Quadro
Охлаждане  Активно
Брой вентилатори 1


Вградена памет  2560 MB
Тип на паметта DDR5
Шина за достъп  320 bit

Още параметри

Максимална резолюция 2560 x 1600 пиксела
DirectX 11
OpenGL 4.1

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Transform your entire workflow with the newest NVIDIA Quadro 5000, the first professional graphics solution to integrate high-performance computing with advanced visualization. As the only professional-class GPU to feature the CUDA parallel processing architecture, ECC memory and fast double precision, the Quadro 5000 is designed to run computationally intensive applications such as ray tracing, video processing and computational fluid dynamics. NVIDIA’s Quadro 5000 can process an unheard of 1.3 billion triangles per second, shattering previous 3D performance benchmarks.
Up to 5X faster 3D application performance scaling over previous generationModern GPGPU applications run 8X faster on Quadro GPUs compared to other processorsWorld's first GPU with Scalable Geometry, ECC memory and fast double-precisionCompatibility:Compatible productsView all compatible productsDimensions / weight / warrantyWarrantyThe NVIDIA Quadro 5000 has a one-year limited warranty or the remainder of the warranty of the HP product in which it is installed. Technical support is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day by phone, as well as online support forums. Parts and labor are available on-site within the next business day. Telephone support is available for parts diagnosis and installation. Certain restrictions and exclusions apply. Fast factsProduct nameNVIDIA Quadro 5000 2.5GB Graphics Card

Manufacturer link Продукт известен още и като Quadro 5000 2 5 GB GDDR 5 320 bit PCIe WS 096 AA, Quadro500025GBGDDR5320bitPCIeWS096AA, Quadro 5000 2.5GB GDDR5 320bit PCIe (WS096 AA)
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