Грамофонни плочи, LP
Продукти Tribulation Down Below (Gatefold Sleeve) (Vinyl LP) — U2 Songs Of Experience (Blue Coloured Vinyl) (2 LP)
Продукти U2 Songs Of Experience (Deluxe Edition) (2 LP) — Uriah Heep Wonderworld
Продукти Ursa Abyss Between The Stars (Vinyl LP) — Various Artists Disco (2 LP)
Продукти Various Artists Electronic Music Anthology By Fg Vol. 1 House Classics (2 LP) — Various Artists Woodstock, Back To The Garden (Woodstock Campaign) (5 LP)
Продукти Various Artists XXX Presents: Still Having Their Say (Exclusive Green Vinyl) — Vnv Nation Automatic (2 LP)
Продукти Voivod Target Earth (2 LP Picture Disc) — Wiener Philharmoniker New Year's Concert 2019 (3 LP)
Продукти Wilco Ode To Joy — Wu-Tang Clan Disciples Of The 36 Chambers: Chapter 1 (Live)
Продукти Wu-Tang Clan Enter the Wu-Tang Clan (36 Chambers) (Vinyl LP) — Zuzana Navarová Smutkum Na Kabat
Продукти ZZ Top Deguello — ZZ Top Tres Hombres (Deluxe Vinyl)