KRK VXT6 Активни колони


KRK VXT6 Активни колони

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Active two-way studio monitor from VXT series with power output of 90 W and a visually striking enclosure design that is equally functional, providing low resonance, improved structural integrity and extended low-end. It is equipped with 6 woven Kevlar woofer with proprietary design that features the aluminium pole and vented formers which remove heat and reduce the effects of power compression, and 1 soft dome tweeter that is comprised of true silk for fast transient response – silk construction also reduces ear fatigue. Level adjustment for both HF and LF is provided to allow compensation for room response and acoustics. Enclosure is made of high-density/low resonance ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) that allows the internal design to have complex shapes and non-parallel walls, increasing rigidity and reducing internal nodes. ABS also has extremely high impact resistance and excellent damping characteristics which reduces cabinet resonance. Front firing radiused, non-parallel port facilitates the smooth passage of air molecules which reduces port turbulence at high signal pressure levels, while radiused enclosure edges eliminate diffraction and phase distortion which results in improved imaging characteristics as well as a wider sweet spot at the monitoring position. Thermal, over voltage and over-current circuitry is also employed in the enclosure design, as well as a switchable limiter which will protect the unit from transients in the signal path, and Ground Lift that allows disconnection of the ground terminal to help resolve issues such as hum and buzz caused by ground loops in poorly con-figured power systems. Monitor further provides Power, Clip, Limit indicators with dedicated control, balanced 1/4"/XLR combo inputs, and mounting thread on the bottom side. Dimensions: 365 x 263 x 245 mm. Weight: 11.6 kg. Продукт известен още и като VXT 6

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