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SONY Alpha 7 III комплект за камера (обектив 28-70mm OSS) (ILCE7M3KB. CEC)

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Тип на апарата  Компактен със сменяема оптика (MILC)


Формат на сензора  Full frame (35mm)
Сензор тип CMOS
Мегапиксели 25.3 MPx


Байонет за обектив Sony E
Китов обектив 28-70


Максимално време на затвора  30 сек
Минимално време на затвора  1/8000 сек
Компенсация на експонирането  Да
Частичен (spot) светломер   Да
Матричен светломер  Да
Светломер с централно мерене  Да
Цифрово ESP измерване  Не
Чувствителност (ISO)  50 - 204800


Метод на фокусиране Автофокус/ръчен фокус
Индикатор за автофокуса  Да


Вградена светкавица Не
Гнездо за светкавица  Да
Намаляване ефекта "червени очи" Да

Снимачни опции

Снимков формат  JPEG/RAW
Максимална резолюция на снимка 6000 x 4000 пиксела
Серийна снимка Да
Серийни снимки (с максимална резолюция) 10 кадъра/сек
Настройка на бялото  Да


Видеозапис Да
Максимална резолюция при видеозапис 3840 x 2160 пиксела
FPS (с максимална резолюция)  30 кадъра/сек
Видео формат XAVC S, AVCHD


Самоснимачка  Да
Директно принтиране (PictBridge)  Не
Хистограма в реално време Да
Хистограма (при гледане на снимки)  Да


Размер на екрана 3 инча
LCD резолюция 921600 pixel
Подвижен екран  Да

Медиен носител

Съвместими карти памет
Secure Digital
Memory Stick


AV изход Не
HDMI изход Да


Ширина 126.9 мм
Височина 95.6 мм
Дълбочина 73.7 мм
Тегло 650 г

Още параметри

Wi-Fi Да
3D фотоапарат Не
Захранване  Li-ion акумулатор
Водоустойчив фотоапарат Не
Визьор  Да
Резба за статив Да
Дистанционно Опционално

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Digital Camera - mirrorless camera, Full Frame, 24.2Mpx Exmor CMOS sensor, 3" adjustable LCD screen, SD/SDHC/SDXC, 4K video, E-mount interchangeable lenses, Full HD video, OLED electronic viewfinder, HDMI, WiFi, NFC, Li-Ion Power, Precision and Flexibility for Perfectly Capturing the Moment This third generation of the popular Sony SLR Alpha A7 Series of digital SLRs is raising the stakes with a number of great enhancements, which bring the photo quality another step closer to classic SLR cameras.  The body of the camera is made of a high-quality and durable magnesium alloy, resulting in a pleasingly low weight, and the precise sealing provides ample protection from damage caused by dust and moisture. The Sony Alpha A7 features a swing-out touchscreen display, 5-axis image stabilisation, a long battery life, as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity. Razor-Sharp Images  The Sony Alpha A7 III features the new 24Mpx Sony Exmor R Full Frame sensor,  which is equipped with an integrated 5-axis stabilisation with an increased efficiency of up to 5EV, and a new BSI design, which significantly raises the efficiency of light collection. This guarantees sharp and clear snapshots in every situation, without the need to use a tripod. Powerful BIONZ X Processor Image processing is taken care of by the next-generation BIONZ X image processor, which is up to twice as powerful as the previous model, resulting in fast focusing and continuous shooting at a speed of 10fps. The Sony Alpha A7cache memory can hold up to 163 photos in the highest quality of JPG, or 89 photos in the uncompressed RAW format. 4D Focus With Precise Focusing The Fast Hybrid AF mirrorless camera system Sony Alpha A7 features a record number of 693 focus points with phase detection, and 425 focus points with contrast detection,  covering a total of 93% of the scene. This ensures highly accurate work with fast-moving objects and precise focusing even in bad lighting conditions. Using the touchscreen controls, you can also focus the subject with a simple tap of your finger. Eye AF - The Flawless Eye Tracking Feature Sony Alpha A7 III excels in focusing and refocusing in the eye area, even in very bad lighting conditions and over long distances. This is one of the many reasons why professional photographers consider this to be the most capable camera available today - the advanced Eye AF system keeps the subject's eyes focused even if the face is partially covered, if the subject's eyes are looking down, and even if the subject is backlit. In addition, it can refocus on the eye closer to the lens in case the subject changes positions. Adjustable 3" Touchscreen The back of the camera features a 3" touchscreen LCD display with a fine resolution of 921,600px. Thanks to the display's hinged design, you can adjust it in order to comfortably create original compositions and capture snapshots from fresh new perspectives. At your disposal you also have an EVF viewfinder with an OLED display and a 2.36Mpx resolution,  covering the full 100% of the scene. Amazing Videos in 4K Resolution One of the most attractive features on the Sony Alpha A7 cameras is the option of recording videos with a 4K resolution and a speed of 30fps. This is supported by the 5-axis stabilisation function, as well as the effective reduction of moiré and jagged edges. With the 120Mbps data stream,  you will be able to record videos in amazing quality. If you set lower the resolution ot Full HD, you can even shoot at up to 120 frames per second, which allows you to create breathtaking slow motion videos. Faithful Colour Reproduction The Sony Alpha A7 comes with a new and improved method of colour reproduction, so the objects in your snapshots will have much more natural colours, creating true-to- life photographs. Skin tones in portraits, blue skies in landscape photographs, and vibrant hues still lifes in particular will have incredibly lifelike,  natural colour transitions. A Long Battery Life Another great innovation in this camera model is the use of the Sony NP-FZ100 high-capacity Li-ion battery, which allows you to capture up to 710 photos using the LCD display or 610 photos using the viewfinder, and can provide up to 125 minutes of video recording time on a single charge. These parameters are unrivaled in the category of mirrorless cameras.

Продукт известен още и като Alpha 7 III 28 70 mm ILCE 7 M 3 K, Alpha7III2870mmILCE7M3K, Alpha 7 III + 28 70mm (ILCE 7M3K), Alpha7III28-70mmILCE-7M3K, Alpha 7 III + 28-70mm (ILCE-7M3 K)


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