Panasonic AG-AC90 Цифрови видеокамери

Panasonic AG-AC90 Цифрови видеокамери

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Сензор тип 3MOS
Размер на сензора 1/4.7"
Тип  Flash карта
Режим на запис Full HD камера
3D камера Не
Картов четец Да
Ефективни пиксели  8 Mpix
Видео резолюция 1920 x 1080
Резолюция в режим Фото 3 Mpix


Оптично увеличение  12 x
Цифрово увеличение  10 x
Стабилизатор на образа  Да
Тип на стабилизатора на образа Оптичен
Минимално фокусно разстояние 2.84 мм
Максимално фокусно разстояние 34.1 мм
Еквивалентно фокусно разстояние (35мм) 29.8 - 388.8 мм
Диаметър на филтъра 49 mm
Минимална осветеност  5 lux
Яркост  1.5


HDMI изход Да
A/V вход Не
A/V изход Да
S-Video изход Не
Компонентен изход Да
Вход за микрофон Да


Ширина 160 мм
Височина 195 мм
Дълбочина 350 мм
Тегло 1780 g


Размер на LCD дисплея 3.5"
LCD разделителна способност 1152000 пиксела
Тъчскрийн дисплей Да

Съвместими карти памет

Secure Digital Да
Micro SD Не
Memory Stick Не
Compact Flash Не
Micro Drive Не

Още параметри

Лампа  Не
Светкавица Не
Функция фотоапарат Да
Визьор  Да

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Panasonic AG-AC90A

Full-HD 3-MOS AVCCAM HD handheld camcorder Featuring a stylish, easy-to-operate design, the AG-AC90A AVCCAM HD handheld camcorder captures native 1920 x 1080 resolution images and records in 1080/60p, 60i, 30p and 24p, as well as in standard definition (480/60i) in 60Hz. The AG-AC90A offers significant improvements over its predecessor, the AG-AC90, including two new recording options -- a PM mode (1280x720, 8Mbps) supporting sports analysis applications and a CS mode (720x480, 3.5Mbps) for cloud service utilization. Other AC90A enhancements comprise the ability to copy content from one SD card to another, a date and time superimpose function ideal for law enforcement and legal depositions, Freeze Frame (still picture) on video out during shooting position change, Eye-Fi wireless SD card support, a Variable White Balance function, additional marker displays, and a Digital Range Stretch (DRS) On/Off user button. Features:
  • Professional AVCHD Modes: PS mode for Full-HD (1920 x 1080) and progressive (60p/50p) image acquisition, high quality PH mode, PM mode (1280x720) for sports coaching use and CS mode (720x480) for network transmission applications.
  • HD/SD Multi-Formats: 1080/60p, 60i, 30p, 24p, 480/60i
  • Dual SD Card Slots (support SDXC/SDHC/SD Memory Cards). With two SD cards, a camera operator can select backup recording. slot-to-slot SD card contents copy is possible.
  • Still shots with 3-megapixel resolution. (Still shots can also be captured during video recording. )
  • 2 channel XLR audio inputs (MIC/LINE/+48V selectable).
  • Audio CH1/CH2 with individual level controls and input selection.
  • HDMI output, AV Multi output (D-connector, composite video and audio 2 channel), USB connector.
  • Remote terminals enable remote operation of iris, focus, zoom and Rec Start/Stop functions.
  • The upper part of the handle grip contains both the Rec Start/Stop button and a zoom speed control (three speed steps) for the lens.
  • Freeze frame function for preventing unwanted images from being captured and displayed on an external monitor.
  • Date
  • White balance adjustment: selectable from ATW/3200K/5600K/Manual (2 values) or user setting (2400K-9900K, 100K step).
  • Included a long life 5,400 mAh battery enables approximate 6 hours of continuous shooting in PH mode.  
  • High powered 29.8mm Wide-Angle Zoom Lens

    The AC90A offers a high-powered 12X zoom lens includes a 29.8 mm (35 mm equivalent) wide-angle setting. When using the Intelligent 25X digital zoom, it achieves up to 25X seamless zooming. In addition, it also features a 2X, 5X and 10X digital zoom function. Panasonic's unique Nano Surface Coating minimizes ghosts and flaring, and a high speed, F1.5 brightness enables extremely clear image rendering. Its built-in 5-axis Hybrid OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer) ensures stable handheld shooting. High-Sensitivity BSI Type 3MOS Sensors

    The AC90A features three (RGB) backside illumination corresponding 1/4.7 type MOS image sensors with an effective pixel count of 2,190, 000 pixels to capture exceptional HD images and superb color reproduction even in dimly lit locations. The image processing circuit, which is tuned for professional use, produces highly natural gradation and sharp detail. Easy Operation with Triple Manual Rings

    The AC90A's lens barrel is equipped with manual rings for focus, zoom and iris operation to enable speedy, intuitive camera work generally associated with interchangeable lenses. The 3.5" tough-panel LCD monitor, which stores easily inside the top front part of the handle, has approximately 1,152, 000 dots resolution to enhance focusing, and includes focus assist, zebra, and color bar display functions. The LCD monitor rotates 270 degrees for easy low-angle, high-angle, and self-interview shootings. Продукт известен още и като AG AC 90, AGAC90, AG AC90, AG-AC 90

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