ASUS H97M-E Дънни платки

ASUS H97M-E Дънни платки

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Марка процесорIntel
CPU Socket Socket 1150
Чипсет Intel H97
Тип на паметтаDDR3
Съвместимост с памет честота1600/1333 MHz
Сървърна дънна платкаНе


Слот на видеокартатаPCI-Express
Интегрирана видеокартаЗависи от процесора
Multi VGA Няма
Опции на Multi-VGAНяма


Брой слотове за памет4
Брой SATA интерфейси 4
Брой слотове PCI-Express 16x 1
PCI-Express 16x 3.0 слотове1
PCI-Express 16x 2.0 слотовеНяма
Брой слотове PCI-Express 8xНяма
Брой слотове PCI-Express 4xНяма
Брой слотове PCI-Express 1x3
Брой слотове PCIНяма
Конектор за PWM вентилатори3
Конектори за 3-pin вентилаторНяма


SATA 3 интерфейси4
SATA 2 интерфейсиНяма
SATA 1 интерфейсиНяма
mSATA интерфейсиНяма
m.2 интерфейси1
SATA Express интерфейсиНяма
Брой USB портове14
USB 2.0 на задния панел2
USB 2.0 портове на платката3
USB 3.0 портове на задния панел4
USB 3.0 портове на платката1
Брой PS/2 външни портове 2
Брой външни портове COM  Няма
Брой портове LPT Няма

Още параметри

Максимален капацитет памет32 GB
Интегрирана звукова картаДа
Аудио канали7.1
Звукова карта типRealtek ALC887
Цифров аудио изходНяма
Вграден усилвател за слушалкиДа
Интегрирана LAN връзка10/100/1000 Mbit/s
Мрежова карта типRealtek 8111GR
Wireless LANНе
RAID адаптер Да
RAID нива 0, 1, 5, 10
Размер на дънната платка244 x 198
Конектор 8-pin ATX 12VДа
Конектор 6-pin ATX 12VНе
Конектор 4-pin ATX 12VНе
Конектор 4-pin MOLEXНе
Охлаждане типПасивно

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High-value H97 micro-ATX delivers enduring 5X Protection, high-clarity Crystal Sound 2 and M. 2 for everyday multimedia enjoyment
  • Proven quality - 5X Protection. 1000+ compatible devices. 7000+ validation hours.
  • Crystal Sound 2 - Flawless audio that makes you part of the game
  • Speed up your system with lightning-fast 10Gb/s M. 2
  • Media-acclaimed UEFI BIOS with new EZ Tuning Wizard
  • Fan Xpert 2+ - Ultimate cooling and quietness
  • ASUS HomeCloud - A digital PC hub perfect for sharing and home theater
ASUS 5X Protection
Hardware safeguards to ensure long-term durability Our be-the-best ethos underscores the choice of every singlecomponent that goes into your ASUS motherboard. We focus relentlessly onquality to ensure long-term system reliability and performance. Precise digital power control with ASUS DIGI+ VRM Voltage regulator modules (VRMs) are among the most essentialmotherboard components. A good VRM intelligently delivers CPU powerbased on actual needs at any given time. ASUS was first with digitalpower design featuring faster sensing and response to deliver preciseCPU power on demand. This great accuracy reduces energy waste and ofcourse improves system stability thanks to more consistent delivery. Enhanced DRAM overcurrent protection Onboard resettable fuses prevent overcurrent and short-circuitdamage. This extends beyond I/O ports to DRAM to safeguard the lifespanof both your system and connected device. 5K-hr solid-state capacitors that last 2.5X longer Solid-state capacitors are able to withstand extremetemperatures of up to 105°C for as long as 5,000 hours — that'stwo-and-a-half (2.5X) times longer than traditional capacitors. Thisexceptional durability means superb real-world endurance to more typicalPC operating temperatures, ensuring that ASUS motherboards continueworking longer. Stainless-steel back I/O that lasts 3X longer ASUS motherboard back I/O panels are made from strong andcorrosion-resistant stainless steel, which is bonded with a thin layerof chromium oxide to enhance anti-corrosive properties. Passing 72-hourspray salt endurance tests, ASUS stainless steel back I/O panels have alifespan that's three times (3X) longer compared to ordinary panels. ESD Guards for protection from electrostatic discharge Electrostatic discharge (ESD) can happen suddenly, and itsdamaging effects are easily underestimated. ASUS ESD Guards are testedto very high standards, capable of up to +/- 10kV for air discharge and+/-6kV for contact discharge. We employ an active protective circuitdesign to guard your system against electrostatic interference anddamage, providing greater component longevity. Proven compatibility Having the freedom to pick and choose the parts that go intoyour machine is at the heart of PC DIY. Our extensive certificationprogram focuses on providing the very best compatibility with the widestrange of components and devices, giving you the freedom to build andupgrade without frustration. Compatible today and compatible far intothe future – that's the ASUS way. Tested - 1,000+ compatible CPUs, memory modules, graphics cards and more Every 9Series motherboard is compatible with thousands of devices. Ourengineers fit and assess both server and consumer CPUs, hundreds ofmemory modules, dozens of graphics cards, loads of storage devices, power supplies, network devices, displays, optical drives, peripheralsand many more. We do this to give you complete confidence in ourproducts and their superb compatibility. Complete &
Public QVLView our Qualified Vendor List (QVL) online We're so confident in our 9 Series motherboards' superiorcompatibility that we publish our entire QVL for all to see — deliveringyou more choices for worry-free PC-building experiences. There are nogaps in our QVL: every compatible component is on the list for all tosee. To check that a particular component or device is compatible withyour motherboard, just reference the QVL for instant reassurance. Designed — Great compatibility with ASUS products When you choose an ASUS motherboard, it's likely you'll also gowith ASUS for other components. ASUS designs products from the ground upso that graphics cards, sound cards and optical drives work flawlesslywith your motherboard. Top-to-bottom reliability Our motherboards have superb endurance. We verify this bysubjecting every board to over 7,000 hours of stringent tests. A barrageof burn-in, environmental, compatibility, software and safety testsconfirm that our motherboards are exceptionally robust — withreliability that surpasses industry standards. Extensive testing for extreme reliability, compatibility and safety Each motherboard is subjected to extended reliability testingunder heavy load conditions, from the transportation to dailyoperations, to make sure they are delivered to you in perfect condition. Trials include temperature and humidity, burn-in, power on/off, powerconsumption, insertion and thermal-shock testing among many others. Every certified-compatible component puts through an up to 24-hour agingtest to ensure trouble-free operation every day – no matter what youfit or attach and no matter what you do! Flawless audio that
makes you part of the gameCrystal Sound 2 Crystal Sound 2 makes short work of optimizing audio settings forthe way you want to listen, be it gaming, chatting, watching movies orrelaxing to your favorite music. Onboard physical shielding, professional engineered design and premium components, includingJapanese-made audio capacitors and operational amplifiers (op-amps), result in sound output that has exceptional clarity and fidelity. Discover a whole new dimension of superior audio and get ready to rule! Media-acclaimed UEFI BIOS The smoothest, slickest mouse-controlled graphical BIOS has beenimproved to make it even more appealing. Whether you're a PC novice or aseasoned overclocker, the EZ and Advanced Modes help you find your way, quickly and easily. Ultimate cooling and quietness with Fan Xpert 2+ Fan Xpert 2+ is an extremely advanced fan-management tool thatputs 4-pin and 3-pin(PWM/DC) case fan controls in one place, allowingyou to control 3-pin case fans with the same precision as that offeredby 4-pin connectors — so you'll have quieter fans and more efficientoperation. It also scans each fan's characteristics and intelligentlydelivers custom settings for each fan based on the dedicated areatemperatures. With Fan Xpert 2+, every fan achieves the best balance ofcooling, performance and quiet operation. 170% faster transfer speeds with
USB 3.0 Boost ASUS USB 3.0 Boost technology supports UASP (USB Attached SCSIProtocol) USB 3.0 in Windows 8. With USB 3.0 Boost technology, a USBdevice's transmission speed is significantly increased up to 170%, adding to already fast USB 3.0 performance. ASUS software automaticallyaccelerates data rates for compatible USB 3.0 peripherals without anyuser interaction. Speed up your system with M. 2 With two native PCI Express 2.0 bandwidth, M. 2 supports up to10Gbit/s data-transfer speeds. It is the perfect choice for an operatingsystem drive, making your whole PC work that much faster. It supportsIntel® Rapid Storage Technology to ensure even faster access to data, refresh applications automatically and awake from sleep in justseconds!* Your PC, your world ASUS HomeCloud creates a world without boundaries. It lets youaccess your PC remotely, stream multimedia content to wherever you want, and manage all your stuff from anywhere — no matter where it's stored. Use the built-in Wake on WAN feature to remotely wake and control yourPC with a single smart device, anywhere and anytime. It even turns yourhard drive into a private cloud, removing worries about storage limits. With HomeCloud, your PC becomes the gateway to your world. A digital PC hub perfect for sharing and home theaterMedia Streamer Enjoy your PC's multimedia content —anywhere! Pipe music fromyour PC while sipping coffee in a café or sit back with friends andstream a favorite movie to a smart TV. With ASUS Media Streamer, yourentertainment goes wherever you go. Intel® LGA1150 4th, New 4th & 5th Generation Core i7/Core i5/Core i3/Pentium®/Celeron® Processors Ready This motherboard supports Intel® 4th , New 4th and 5th Generation Core i7/i5/i3/Pentium®/Celeron®processors in the LGA1150 package, with iGPU, memory and PCI Expresscontrollers integrated to support onboard graphics output with dedicatedchipsets, 2-channel (4 DIMM) DDR3 memory and 16 PCI Express 3.0/2.0lanes. This provides great graphics performance. Intel® H97 Express Chipset Intel® LGA1150 4th, New 4th & 5th Generation Core i7/Core i5/Core i3/Pentium®/Celeron®Processors. It provides improved performance by utilizing serialpoint-to-point links, allowing increased bandwidth and stability. Additionally, H97 provides a maximum 6 USB 3.0 ports, 6 SATA 6Gbit/sports and 10Gbit/s M. 2 support for faster data retrieval. Moreover, theIntel® H97 Express Chipset also supports iGPU functions, letting usersenjoy the latest Intel integrated graphics performance. Intel® Smart Response Technology
SSD speed with HDD capacity
Uses an installed fast SSD (min18.6GB available capacityrequired) as a cache for frequently-accessed data. Key benefits includereduced load and wait times, and lower power consumption through theelimination of unnecessary hard drive spin. This technology combines SSDperformance with hard drive capacity, operating up to 6X faster than ahard drive-only system. Intel® Smart Connect Technology
Auto application refresh and shorter wait times
Your computer can receive web updates with fresh content forselected applications, even when the system is in sleep mode. This meansless time waiting for applications to update and sync with the cloud, leading to a more efficient computing experience. Intel® Rapid Start Technology
Instantly awaken your PC from sleep mode
Allows your computer to quickly resume from a low-powerhibernate state in seconds. Saving your system memory to the designatedSSD, it provides your computer a faster wake-up response time, whilestill keeping energy use low.
  • CPUIntel® Socket 1150 for the 5th/New 4th/4th Generation Core i7/Core i5/Core i3/Pentium®/Celeron® Processors
    Supports Intel® 22 nm CPU
    Supports Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0
    * The Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 support depends on the CPU types.
    * Refer to www. asus. com for CPU support list
  • ChipsetIntel® H97
  • Memory4 x DIMM, Max. 32GB, DDR3 1600/1333 MHz Non-ECC, Un-buffered Memory *
    Dual Channel Memory Architecture
    Supports Intel® Extreme Memory Profile (XMP)
    * Refer to www. asus. com for the Memory QVL (Qualified Vendors Lists).
    *Due to Intel® chipset limitation, DDR3 1600 MHz and higher memorymodules on XMP mode will run at the maximum transfer rate of DDR3 1600Mhz.
  • GraphicIntegrated Graphics Processor- Intel® HD Graphics support
    Multi-VGA output support : HDMI/DVI-D/RGB ports
    - Supports HDMI with max. resolution 4096 x 2160 @ 24 Hz / 2560 x 1600 @ 60 Hz
    - Supports DVI-D with max. resolution 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz
    - Supports RGB with max. resolution 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz
    Maximum shared memory of 512 MB
    Supports Intel® InTru 3D, Quick Sync Video, Clear Video HD Technology, Insider
    Supports up to 3 displays simultaneously
  • Expansion Slots1 x PCIe 3.0/2.0 x16 (x16 mode, gray)
    3 x PCIe 2.0 x1
  • Storage Intel® H97 chipset :
    4 x SATA 6Gb/s port(s), gray
    1 x M. 2 Socket 3, with M Key, type 2260/2280 storage devices support (both SATA & PCIE mode)
    Support Raid 0, 1, 5, 10
    Supports Intel® Smart Response Technology, Intel® Rapid Start Technology, Intel® Smart Connect Technology *1
  • LANRealtek® 8111GR, 1 x Gigabit LAN Controller(s)
  • AudioRealtek® ALC887 8-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC featuring Crystal Sound 2*2
    - Supports : Jack-detection, Front Panel Jack-retasking
    Audio Feature :
    - Audio Shielding: Ensures precision analog/digital separation and greatly reduced multi-lateral interference
    - Dedicated audio PCB layers: Separate layers for left and right channels to guard the quality of the sensitive audio signals
    - Audio amplifier: Provides the highest-quality sound for headphone and speakers
    - Premium Japanese-made audio capacitors: Provide warm, natural and immersive sound with exceptional clarity and fidelity
    - Unique de-pop circuit: Reduces start-up popping noise to audio outputs
  • USB Ports Intel® H97 chipset :
    6 x USB 3.0/2.0 port(s) (4 at back panel, blue, 2 at mid-board)
    Intel® H97 chipset :
    8 x USB 2.0/1.1 port(s) (2 at back panel, black, 6 at mid-board)
  • Special Features ASUS 5X Protection :
    - ASUS DIGI+ VRM - 4 Phase digital power design
    - ASUS Enhanced DRAM Overcurrent Protection - Short circuit damage prevention
    - ASUS ESD Guards - Enhanced ESD protection
    - ASUS High-Quality 5K-Hour Solid Capacitors - 2.5x long lifespan with excellent durability
    - ASUS Stainless Steel Back I/O - 3x more durable corrosion-resistant coating
    ASUS EPU :
    - EPU
    ASUS Exclusive Features :
    - GPU Boost
    - AI Suite 3
    - Ai Charger
    - Anti-Surge
    - USB 3.0 Boost
    - Disk Unlocker
    - Crystal Sound 2
    Interactive HomeCloud
    - Media Streamer
    ASUS Quiet Thermal Solution :
    - Stylish Fanless Design Heat-sink solution
    - ASUS Fan Xpert 2+
    - ASUS CrashFree BIOS 3
    - ASUS EZ Flash 2
    - Push Notice
    ASUS Q-Design :
    - ASUS Q-Slot
  • Operating System SupportWindows® 8.1
    Windows® 8
    Windows® 7
  • Back I/O Ports1 x PS/2 keyboard (purple)
    1 x PS/2 mouse (green)
    1 x DVI-D
    1 x D-Sub
    1 x HDMI
    1 x LAN (RJ45) port(s)
    4 x USB 3.0 (blue)
    2 x USB 2.0
    3 x Audio jack(s)
  • Internal I/O Ports1 x USB 3.0 connector(s) support(s) additional 2 USB 3.0 port(s)
    3 x USB 2.0 connector(s) support(s) additional 6 USB 2.0 port(s)
    1 x M. 2 Socket 3 for M Key, type 2260/2280 devices
    1 x TPM header
    1 x COM port(s) connector(s)
    4 x SATA 6Gb/s connector(s)
    1 x CPU Fan connector(s) (1 x 4 -pin)
    2 x Chassis Fan connector(s) (2 x 4 -pin)
    1 x S/PDIF out header(s)
    1 x 24-pin EATX Power connector(s)
    1 x 8-pin ATX 12V Power connector(s)
    1 x Front panel audio connector(s) (AAFP)
    1 x System panel(s)
    1 x Chassis Intrusion connector(s)
    1 x Clear CMOS jumper(s)
  • AccessoriesUser's manual
    I/O Shield
    2 x SATA 6Gb/s cable(s)
  • BIOS64Mb Flash ROM, UEFI AMI BIOS, PnP, DMI2.7, WfM2.0, SM BIOS 2.8, ACPI5.0, Multi-language BIOS, ASUS EZ Flash 2, ASUS CrashFree BIOS 3, MyFavorites, Quick Note, Last Modified log, F12 PrintScreen, F3 Shortcutfunctions and ASUS DRAM SPD (Serial Presence Detect) memory information
  • ManageabilityWfM 2.0, DMI 2.7, WOL by PME, PXE
  • Support DiscDrivers
    ASUS Utilities
    EZ Update
    Anti-virus software (OEM version)
  • Form FactormATX Form Factor
    9.6 inch x 7.8 inch ( 24.4 cm x 19.8 cm )
  • Note*1:These functions will work depending on the CPU installed.
    *2:Use a chassis with HD audio module in the front panel to support an 8-channel audio output.

Тегло: 2.000 кг
Продукт известен още и като H 97 M E, H97ME, H97M E, H 97M-E

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