Blaupunkt EKS501 Електрически кани

Blaupunkt EKS501 Електрически кани

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Blaupunkt Електрическа кана Blaupunkt EKS501 (EKS501)

42,90 лв
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Blaupunkt Електрическа кана Blaupunkt EKS501

Високо качество! Лесно и сигурно пазаруване! Отстъпки!

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Blaupunkt Електрическа кана Blaupunkt EKS501 (EKS501)

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Максимален капацитет 1.2 л
Мощност 2200 W
Безжична кана Да
Въртяща основа  Да
Скрити нагреватели  Да
Защита от прегряване Да
Настройка на температура Не
Филтър за котлен камък Да
Прозорец за водното ниво Да
Автоматично изключване Да

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Blaupunkt EKS501 ELECTRIC KETTLE STEEL 1,2LDescription ELECTRIC KETTLE STEEL Electric kettle is today not only kitchen appliances, is also a product of the first needs and design feature, so users are getting higher puts manufacturers bar on functionality and appearance of the device. UNUSUAL FUNCTIONALITY and SAFETYAll of the above requirements are met kettle EKS501 Blaupunkt power of 2200W and a capacity of 1.2 l (min. 0.5 liters). Thanksto the rotating base, hidden in a flat bottom heater and the buttonwill automatically cover the opener, this device is very convenient ineveryday use. The user does not have to also worry about that, forget about the inserted water for tea - kettle will automatically switch off after boiling water and after removing from the base. In addition, built-in protection against overheating, and a controller Strix, which was equipped with a kettle, guarantees safety. Kettle to be even more functional, it has perfectly shaped spout, so that when pouring the water does not spill a single drop, water level indicator, which allows the user to control the amount of water, as well as a special construction of the base on which we can wrap the unnecessary part of the cable. LESS SLUDGEEKS501 is made of stainless steel. Built-in filter limestone additionally ensures that the sludge does not get into our cup. Certainly, this facility will appreciate every housewife. MODERN LOOKElegantwindow in the lid and body-resistant stainless steel, certainly willappeal to all those who care about contemporary decor. Характеристики
Мощност:2200 W
Капацитет:1.2 l
Stuff:Неръждаема стомана
Контрол на температурата:Не
functions:Sediment филтърМясто за съхранение на кабелаВъртяща се основаИндикатор за ниво на водатаАвтоматичен cover
Dimensions:215 x 140 x 206 mm
Тегло, kg:0.88 kg

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