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G&;L’s done something special: We’ve created an instrument that’s steeped in guitar history yet strikingly new - The Ascari, the newest member of G&;amp;L’s Tribute Series. It was inspired by a recently uncovered prototype drawing done three decades ago by G&;L co-founder George Fullerton, representing Leo Fender’s vision for G&;L’s first 24 3/4 scale, three-tuners-to-a-side guitar. It was designed jointly by G&;L’s Paul Gagon and Grover Jackson, founder of Jackson Guitars. Its DNA is full of rock guitar history. Yet it breaks new ground for G&;L: it has a set neck, a Leo-inspired headstock with three tuners to a side, and a 24 3/4 scale to put it squarely on the classic side of the rock’n’roll stage. Add in a Tone-Pros tailpiece and tappable Alnico humbuckers, and you have a gorgeous, high-performance rock guitar that’s simultaneously strikingly new and steeped in rock guitar history. Продукт известен още и като TributeAscariGTSTrans
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