Hagstrom Ultra Swede

Hagstrom Ultra Swede

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The Hagstrom Select Series, Vintage Series, and UltraLux Series guitars recapture the original glorious Hagstrom style. They are built to the same stringent quality standards and feature Hastrom's exclusive technologies including the legendary H-Expander Truss Rod while introducing a number of new technological advances such as the Resinator Fretboard in order to guarantee that these are the finest guitars on the market. The UltraLux Series Ultra Swede is a soloist's dream, featuring a new state-of-the-art neck design that is so thin it has to be played to be believed. Measuring a mere 18-19mm thick, the UltraLux's neck still benefits from Hagstrom's H-Expander truss rod and Resinator fretboard for stability and reliability. The Ultra Swede features a 2-piece Basswood body and Maple cap with Flame Maple veneer, and a Maple set neck, as well as distinctive pearl/abalone markers on the Resinator fretboard. The Ultra Swede features Hagstrom 15:1 die cast tuners, 24.75 inch scale length, 2 x Hagstrom custom 62 Humbuckers, 3-way toggle, and a long travel T-O-M bridge with Hagstrom Stop tail piece and 6 individual brass string blocks. The H-Expander Truss Rod provides tension at either end and running the entire length of the neck. The rigid yet lightweight alloy truss rod allows for a very low action and thin neck, two factors that were instrumental in earning Hagstrom its reputation as the world’s fastest playing guitar. The Ultralux Series Ultra Swede also features 1x Volume / 1x Tone/mini toggle coil tap switch controls. Color: Burgundy Burst. Продукт известен още и като UltraSwede

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