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The TomTom START 62 offers essential navigation and free lifetime map updates. Finding destinations is simple from the Search menu or by touching a point on the map. Advanced Lane Guidance helps you prepare for exits and intersections by clearly highlighting the correct driving lane for your planned route. 6 inch touchscreen. Lifetime Maps

Make sure you have the latest maps by connecting your TomTom START to your PC. We issue new maps seasonally – which include road changes and revised speed limits. Get these updates for free, for the life of your device. 1 3 months Speed Cameras

Advance warnings on your TomTom START notify you when you're approaching a speed camera, and remind you of the required speed limit. You can download updated camera locations for 3 months, at no extra cost, by regularly connecting to your computer. 2 Advanced Lane Guidance

Your TomTom START helps you prepare for exits and intersections by clearly highlighting the best driving lane for your planned route. So you'll never miss a turn or have to make sudden lane crossings. Free Software Updates

Our sat navs are constantly evolving. By regularly connecting your TomTom START to your computer, you can download our free software updates. You'll get new navigation features, improved performance and extra customisation options. In just a few minutes. Features
  • Battery lifetime: Up to 1 hour
  • Easy Reversible Mount
  • Internal memory: 8GB
  • microSD slot
  • Screen size: 6 inch (15,24 cm)
  • In the box:
  • TomTom Start 62 Europe
  • Easy Reversible Mount
  • Documentation 
  • 1When you purchase a navigation device which includes Lifetime Maps, you can download 4 or more full updates of your map every year for the lifetime of your product. Lifetime Maps are available without additional charge and for as long as the product is supported. The map updates are the full updates for the map that is preinstalled on your device. The geographical coverage and feature support in the map will continue to match the original version, as long as the original is commercially available. You will receive all available updates to the road network, addresses and Points of Interest in these releases. To benefit from Lifetime Maps, please register your device. 2Real-time updates are only available to devices with active real-time services (e. g. LIVE or TomTom Traffic). Other devices can download fixed speed camera updates via MyDrive Connect or TomTom HOME . Продукт известен още и като Start62
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