Holux M1000C GPS приемници

Holux M1000C GPS приемници

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Holux M-1000C

1. Built in MTK MT3329 Low power consumption GPS chipset.
2. 4M Bytes Flash memory for 200,000 log data recording
3. 66 parallel satellite-tracking channels for fast acquisition and reacquisition.
4. Superior sensitivity up to -165 dBm.
5. Built-in WAAS/ EGNPS Demodulator without additional any hardware.
6. Compatible with Bluetooth Serial Port Profile (SPP) completely.
7. Small, sleek, and lightweight design easily fits in your hand.
8. Built-in rechargeable and changeable Lithium-ion battery lasts for 20 hours


- Chipset:MTK MT3329 chipset.
- Channels:66 parallel satellite-search channels.
- Frequency:1575.42 MHz
- Receiver:L1, C/A code.

Acquisition Time (refer to MTK chip specification)

- Reacquisition:0.1 second.
- Cold start: < 36 seconds.
- Warm start: < 33 seconds .
- Hot start: < 1 second


- Size:62.5 x 41 x 17.1 mm
- Weight: < 53 g

Battery:Removable Li-Ion battery 850 mAh.

- Battery Life:20 hours


- EzTour for viewing logger path
- Showing path on Google Earth
- Log criteria:Time or Distance

3 color-LEDs indicator:

- Red:GPS navigation
- Blue:Bluetooth
- Green:Battery/Charge

I/O interfaces:

- Bluetooth:V1.2 compliant, Class2
- USB:USB 2.0 High speed (mini USB Connector) Продукт известен още и като M 1000 C, M 1000C, M1000 C

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