Ricatech EP1950

Ricatech EP1950

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No artist in the world in the 20th century meant as much as Elvis Aaron Presley. An icon in life and still an icon almost 40 years after his death. That is why we "Ricatech" are very proud that we have been able to produce three great turntables in Elvis style in cooperation with Elvis Presley Enterprises. The three periods in the career of Elvis come to life in the beautiful and detailed artwork which make these turntables unique and will make a fans heart beat harder. The 50's when Elvis burst on to the scene and changed the world is the first in a series of three. The second release shows Elvis in his world famous black leather suit in the 68 Comeback Special and the third shows Elvis in the 70's when he shook Las Vegas. These three turntables have a three speed record player, built-in speakers, SD card and USB slot and encoding function. They come in a detailed full colour package. A must for every fan. Продукт известен още и като EP 1950

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