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The T. 55 USB is a great all-around belt drive turntable that also features USB and RCA outputs so you can easily use the deck to transfer the music on your vinyl records onto your PC or Mac to create music files for use with CDs or mp3 players such as iPod. To make things even simpler, we've included the software you can use to transfer and edit the music files, so you can remove any pops and clicks that are common when playing vinyls. The T. 55 USB also comes with the professional Stanton 500. v3 cartridge for ideal sound quality and perfect compatibility. Not just a tool for vinyl transfer, this deck is also a perfect fit for the novice or intermediate level DJ. Features:Easy to Operate Belt-Drive Turntable with Professional Features USB Output for Easily Transferring Music from Vinyl Records to Your Mac or PCIncludes iZotope Music and Speech CleanerIncludes Audiophile-quality Stanton 300. v3 Cartridge Straight Tone Arm Improves Tracking for Scratching 2 Playback Speeds (33 or 45 RPM) 2 Start/Stop Switches for Mix or Battle Setup RCA Stereo Outputs Manual Pitch Control Fader (+/- 10% Adjustment) Accessories include RCA Cables, Slip Mat, and Dust Cover. Продукт известен още и като T 55 USB, T55USB, T. 55 USB, T55-USB, T . 55-USB
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