Sennheiser EZX 70 Хендсфри слушалка

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(504588) Слушалка Sennheiser EZX70, Безжични, Bluetooth 3.0, Микрофон, Батерия: 8 часа, Черни

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Sennheiser EZX 70

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Sennheiser EZX 70 xендсфри слушалка

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Слушалка тип Закачаща
Безжична Да
Обсег на действие 10 м
Време на разговор 8 часа
Време на готовност 240 часа
Време за зареждане 1.5 часа
Тегло 9 г

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The Sennheiser EZX 70 Bluetooth® mono headset is the perfect hands-free Smartphone companion on the road. It allows you to carry out a safer conversation while driving or any other time you need to keep your hands free.

It’s easy to use due to the multifunction button and a dedicated on/off switch and quick and easy to charge with the USB charging cable.

Enjoy features such as HD voice and sound for optimal sound experience, voice prompts and A2DP streaming that allows you to listen to your mobile content such as music, route guidance, podcast via Bluetooth® in-between calls. It provides up to 8 hours talk time. Features:
  • Easy Calls – with Bluetooth® 3.0 technology and multifunction button
  • Your hands-free mobile companion - allow you to carry out a safer conversation while driving
  • Talk for hours – up to 8 hours talk time and 10 days standby time
  • Best in class microphone – digital noise reduction
  • Enjoy your smartphones’ media content - A2DP streaming allows you to stream music, route guidance, podcast etc. sent via BT in-between your calls
  • Tells you how it’s doing – via voice prompted status for talk time and connection
  • Real-time battery monitoring – headset battery status indicator on your iPhone® screen
  • Slim and lightweight design – great comfort and look with only 9 grams
  • Convenient multi-connectivity – connect two devices simultaneously - phones and computers
  • Convenient charging – via USB charging cable
  • Quick charging - 1h 20 minutes charging time
  • Продукт известен още и като EZX70
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