Cost-effective business phone with HD voice

Akuvox SP-R52P brings quality, cost effective solution to front line staff handing moderate
volume of calls through advanced telephony features. The intuitive user interface of the Akuvox
SP-R52P makes navigation easy and requires minimal training.

Up to 2 SIP Accounts
2.3" 132*64 Graphical LCD with Backlight
Support 3-way Conference
Support PoE
Full Compatible with Asterisk, BroadSoft Platform

Phone Features
2 Lines (support 2 SIP accounts)
Support Call Waiting, Call Forward, Call Transfer
Call on Hold, Mute, Auto-answer, Redial, DND
Local 3-Way Conference
Volume Adjustable, Ring tones Selectable
Speed Dial, Hotline
Daylight Saving Time
Network Packet Capture
Country Ringtone Signal
Direct IP call
Auto Redial, Call Return
Dial Plan
XML Browser
Hot Desking
Keypad Lock
Action URL/URI
Phonebook (500 groups), Blacklist (100 groups), Call logs (100 entries)
5 Remote Phone Book URL Supported
Multi-language Support

IP-PBX Features
SMS. Voicemail. MWI Message Notification
Music on hold, Intercom
BLF (Busy Lamp Field)
Call Pickup, Group Call Pickup
Call Recording
Anonymous Call, Anonymous Call Rejection

Audio Features
HD Voice
Wideband Codec: G. 722
Narrowband Codec: PCMA, PCMU, G. 729, G723_53, G723_63, G726_16, G726_24, G726_32, G726_40
VAD, CNG , Echo Canceller
Full-Duplex Speakerphone

Security Features
Support HTTPS (SSL)
Support SRTP for Voice Data Encryption
Support Login for Administration

Network Features
SIP V1(RFC2543), V2(RFC3261)
Static IP/DHCP for IP configuration
3 DTMF modes: In-Band, RFC2833, SIP INFO
HTTP/HTTPS Web Server for Management
NTP for Auto Time Setting
802.1Q VLAN

Administration Features
Auto provisioning using FTP/TFTP/HTTP/HTTPS/PnP
Dial through IP PBX Using Phone Number
Dial through IP PBX Using URL Address
Configuration Manamements with web, keypad on the phone, and Auto Provisioning

Physical Features
Audiocodes Chipset
2.3132*64 Graphical LCD with Backlight
34 Keys (with 4 Soft Keys)
4 LED Lights (1 Power Light, 2 Account Lights and 1 Voice Mail Light)
RJ9 Handset Jack and Headset Jack
2 RJ45 10/100M Ethernet Jacks
AC Power Adapter: Input: AC 100-240V; Output: DC 5V/1A
PoE: IEEE 802.3af
Gift Box Size:248 x 204 x 107 (mm), weight: 1.19 kg Продукт известен още и като SP R 52 P, SPR52P, SP R52P, S P-R52 P
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