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Ideal for the office and everyone who spends a lot of time on the phone, the snom 320 is an affordable, yet powerful SIP business phone with built-in, full-duplex speakerphone and three-party conference bridging. Ideal for general office and knowledge-worker environments, the snom 320 is an affordable, yet powerful SIP business telephone with built-in, full-duplexspeakerphone and three-party conference bridging. A 2 x 24 semi-graphic LCD display and menu-driven user interface supports custombranding and easy feature management. 12 programmable keys with LEDs supportflexible trunk-access/busy lamp configuration. A 100-number call memory, 100-number onboard address book (to which data mayeasily be uploaded), custom call blocking, configurable/downloadable ring-tones, auto-answer mode, DND and other sophisticated features insure convenience andproductivity. And the 320's built-in web server supports even simpler end-userconfiguration, screen dialing, and access to call history. The snom 320 is remote-manageable and firmware-upgradeable, uniquely easy to install, and largely self-configuring. Broad codec supportand full compatibility with current SIP recommendations insures interoperability;support for STUN (for NAT traversal), ENUM (for dialed-number resolution) andother state-of-the-art features enables flexible deployment, behind local proxies, IP PBXs or hosted VoIP services. The snom 320 supports the security standard SRTP - a currentspecification from the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) for protectionagainst eavesdropping - andTLS for protection against sniffing of signalingand authentication data. By limiting need for external conference bridges/media server capacity or useof conference services for routine multiparty calls, the snom 320 'sbuilt-in three-party conference bridge helps limit total cost of ownership, while also insuring high audio quality and low latency. Technical Data Dimensions: approx. 25x 20x 12 cm
Weight: Approx. 860 g, 1.9lb
Certifications: FCC Class B, CE Mark Connectors:
Network: RJ45 (Ethernet)
PC: RJ45 (Ethernet)
power: 5 V DC (Stabilized)
2 port switch included
Power over LAN (IEEE 802.3af) on network port
Handset: RJ45 Standard Handset Connector
Headset: RJ-Connector Headset User Interface
Display: 2 x 24 character display
47 keys, 13 LEDs
Last Calls (100 entries)
Address book (100 entries)
Adress book Import/Export
Number guessing, speed dialing
Missed calls, dialed calls
Call waiting indication
Clock, daylight saving, call-timer
Call blocking (Deny List)
Programmable function keys
Menu-driven user interface
Selectable ringing melodies
National language support for selected languages (NLS)
Downloadable ringing melodies
URL Dialing support
Do not disturb
Speakerphone (Full Duplex)
Auto answer mode
UTF8-encoded Caller-ID
Multi-Line registration Call Features
Blind Transfer, Attended transfer
Music on hold support
Call intrusion
Conferencing (3-way conference bridge on phone)
Call park, Call pick-up
Call completion
CMC (Client Matter Code)
VLAN (802.1 P/Q) Web Server
Embedded web server
Easy configuration of the phone, remote configuration
Dial from web interface
Password protection
Diagnostics (Tracing, logging) Security
HTTPS (server/client)
Transport Layer security (TLS)
SRTP (RFC3711)
Certificates can be loaded into device Codecs
G. 711 aLaw, Law
G. 729A, G. 726, G. 723.1, GSM 6.10 (Full rate)
G. 722 (16 khz) SIP
RFC3261 compliant
UDP, TCP, TLS support
Digest authentication
Loose routing and script routing support
Error-information support
Reliability of provisional responses (RFC3262)
DNS SRV (RFC3263), redundant server support
Offer/answer (RFC3264)
Message waiting indication reception (RFC3842), subscription for MWIevents (RFC3265)
In-Band DTMF/Out-of-band DTMF (RFC2833)
STUN client (NAT (traversal)
ENUM (RFC3261)
rport (RFC3581)
Many other SIP features Installation
Static IP provisioning, DHCP
http/HTTPS client for configuration
Automatic software update
Completely automatic installation from web
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