CULLMANN Amsterdam Maxima 335 (C98370)

CULLMANN Amsterdam Maxima 335 (C98370)

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Тип Чанта за рамо
Откачаща презрамка Да
Отделение за лаптоп Не
Външна изработка Неопрен

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Cullmann Amsterdam Maxima 335 The AMSTERDAM bag range has transferred the proven functional and design principle of medical bags to camera bags. A special feature is the unique opening which opens along the entire length of the top of the bag and which enables rapid access to all camera equipment. The AMSTERDAM range is therefore targeted at all photographers who would like to combine contemporary design with ease of use plus camera protection. The bag is very padded on the inside with numerous compartments which provide safe areas for all pieces of equipment. Two large and easily lockable front pockets with additional flaps on both sides for quick access to memory cards, replacement batteries or mobile phone finish nicely round off the bag. The camera inserts can also be removed to quickly transform the AMSTERDAM into a practical leisure bag. The AMSTERDAM has many features which make it comfortable to carry. These include the mesh fabric on the back of the bag and its neoprene covered handles with their incorporated magnets which make the AMSTERDAM practical for carrying medium to large-size DSLR equipment. The stable belt with diagonal fastening makes the bag both safe and comfortable to carry. Yet it still provides excellent protection for equipment. The outer material of the AMSTERDAM is hard-wearing and water-repellent. All zips are concealed and waterproof. A tripod is secured in place with the stable fastening loops. The robust strap on the bag makes it suitable for transportation on a trolley. There are also large area resting feet on the bottom of the bag. Features:
  • Unique bag opening for the rapid access to all camera equipment.
  • A well-padded bag interior for safe transportation.
  • Extremely durable and water-repellent outer material.
  • It can also be used as a leisure bag as camera inserts can be removed.
  • Robust strap for trolley transportation.
  • Stable fastening loops for carrying a tripod.
  • Stable belt with diagonal fastening to make the bag comfortable to carry.
  • Two additional large and easily lockable front pockets.
  • Easily accessible additional flaps on both sides for memory cares, replacement batteries, mobile phone etc.
  • The mesh fabric on the back of the bag makes it comfortable to carry.
  • Neoprene covered handles with their incorporated magnets for practical carrying.
  • Robust, large-area resting feet on the bottom of the bag.
  • Concealed, waterproof zips to protect against dust and moisture.
  • Продукт известен още и като Amsterdam Maxima 335 C 98370, AmsterdamMaxima335C98370, Amsterdam Maxima 335 (C 98370)

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