Manfrotto Pro Light MiniBee 120 (MB PL-MB-120)

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Manfrotto Pro Light Camera Backpack Minibee-120 PL With the Pro Light Minibee-120 PL camera backpack you can pack smaller and travel farther. This compact, professional, airline carry-on backpack, guarantees the best storage, carrying and working solutions, in a bag that will endure and perform superbly under the most strenuous of working conditions. Though small, it will hold a surprisingly large amount of gear and essential personal effects. Specifications:
  • External Height: 46.5 cm
  • External Length: 32 cm
  • External Width: 28 cm
  • Internal laptop compartment height: 34 cm
  • Internal laptop compartment length: 26 cm
  • Internal laptop compartment width: 4 cm
  • Internal main compartment height: 43 cm
  • Internal main compartment length: 28 cm
  • Internal main compartment width: 16 cm
  • Product Features:
  • Cabin LuggageThis bag fits the standard to fit as carry-on luggage (due to ever changing restrictions, check with your carrier prior to departure)
  • External Tripod ConnectionsThis bag comes with the option and proper connections to attach your tripod externally.
  • Flexi DividersThese custom designed dividers have the option to fold out of the way when needed or to be pulled out to protect your equipment in special situations.
  • Interchangeable DividersBoth modular and easy to use, these dividers allow you to custom fit the inside of your bag around your gear by creating the exact size compartment for your gear.
  • Laptop CompatibleProtect your laptop during transport in the compartment.
  • Rain ProtectorIncluded fold out protector which when installed creates a barrier between the wet outside and dry inside of your bag.
  • Water RepellantA specially applied coating to the fabric which keeps resistant to moisture
  • Camera Protection SystemManfrotto's CPS – Camera Protection System has been specifically engineered and laboratory tested to garantee a high level of protection and shock resistance where it really counts.
  • Trolley ConnectionThis bag is compatible with trolley ( sold separately) - a simple yet ingenious system that allows you to carry the case, or even several cases at once, on a trolley. You can detach the trolley when you want to store it, or for maintenance.
  • UV ProtectionThe silver side of the included rain protector will deflect direct sunshine and prevent your digital gear from overheating.
  • Information to the picture: Contents not included Продукт известен още и като Pro Light MiniBee 120 MB PL MB 120, ProLightMiniBee120MBPLMB120, Pro Light MiniBee 120 (MB PL MB 120), ProLightMiniBee120MBPL-MB-120
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