Axis Communications P3304 (0352-001)

Axis Communications P3304 (0352-001)

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Megapixel/HDTV solutions High-performance compression and streaming capabilities AXIS P3304 offers superior image quality including progressive scan and wide dynamic range, providing crisp and clear images of both illuminated and low-light areas. In addition, AXIS P3304 provides HDTV 720p/1 megapixel resolution at full frame rate. Multiple H. 264 streams, as well as Motion JPEG streams, can be provided simultaneously either in full frame rate or individually optimized for different quality needs and bandwidth constraints. Professional video surveillance AXIS P3304, with its tamper resistant casing, is a fixed dome specifically adapted for unobtrusive video surveillance in exposed indoor environments, where discreet and compact solutions are required. It is the perfect solution for video surveillance systems with quality and efficiency requirements, e. g. in retail stores, government, banks and airports segments. Fixed dome with discreet and tamper-resistant casing. Varifocal 2.8-10 mm lens. Multiple, individually configurable H. 264 and Motion JPEG streams; max HDTV 720p or 1 MP resolution at 30 fps. WDR. Video motion detection and active tampering alarm. Two-way audio with built-in microphone, and audio detection. I/O for alarm/event handling. Power over Ethernet. Includes power supply. Продукт известен още и като P 3304 0352 001, P33040352001, P3304 (0352 001), P33040352-001, P 3304 (0352-001)

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