Genius KB-8005 Клавиатури

ТипКлавиатура и мишка
Свързване на клавиатуратаUSB
Мултимедийна клавиатураДа
Мишка типоптична
Свързване типUSB

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2.4GHz Wireless Keyboard Combo

- 2.4 GHz wireless desktop combo
- Simple style and low profile keycap for quiet typing
- 6 hot keys for media control and Internet access
- 1200 dpi BlueEye mouse with mini receiver

Experience the next generation 2.4GHz wireless multimedia keyboard and mouse combo from Genius KB-8005. This combo kit offers reliable 2.4GHz transmission for longer operational distance and anti-interference. The low-profile keycap structure provides maximum typing comfort and a quiet typing experience. There are six hot keys for media control and Internet access, giving you one touch controls so you can accomplish tasks faster.

The 1200 dpi mouse with BlueEye technology enhances the precision and tracking ability, accelerates your working efficiency, and its contoured shape is suitable for either hand. KB-8005 is available in a classic black or red finish and provides a sleek, eye-catching design with durability to match.

Interface PortWireless 2.4Ghz/USB
OS SupportWindows® 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
Mouse - SensorBlueEye
Mouse - Dpi1200
Mouse - Button3
Keyboard - Hot keys6
Internet ToolsYES
Multimedic ControlYES

System Requirements:
- Windows® 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
- Intel/AMD processor 500 Hz or above
- Available USB port

Package Contents
- Wireless keyboard
- Wireless mouse
- Mini receiver
- Three batteries (two AAA for keyboard, one AA for mouse)
- Multi-language user manual Продукт известен още и като KB 8005, KB8005
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