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KeySonic ACK-595C+

Mini Keyboard
Flat Construction
Compact Design
Small Keyboard, Amazing Technology

Being 29cm in length the 595-C+ Mini Keyboard is perfect for desks with minimal space or as a keyboard to take with you on your travels as its small dimensions make it a perfect companion. Despite its small size the 595-C+ Mini Keyboard has all the features of a standard sized keyboard including an embedded number pad which allows for a all-in-one solution as you don’t need to buy a separate Numpad to compensate.

X-Type Membrane Technology

Fitted with X-Type membrane technology your key strokes will be exceptionally quiet, coupled with the use of mid profile keys the 595-C+ Mini Keyboard from Keysonic is here to make your typing experience more pleasant and quieter for both you and your colleagues.

Plug and Play Function – Runs both PS/2 and USB

Coming with plug and play functionality as standard the 595-C+ Mini Keyboard from Keysonic allows for users to start typing seconds after plugging in the keyboard, the 595-C+ Mini Keyboard comes with USB connectivity as standard with a PS/2 adapter so not only can it be used for one specific type of connection but now both PS/2 and USB users can both benefit from the 595-C+.

Material -Plastic
Dimensions -291 x 29 x 154 mm
Mounting -Desktop
Numeric Keypad -Embedded
Wired / Wireless -Wired
Approvals -ROHS, CE, FC Продукт известен още и като ACK 595 C, ACK595C, ACK 595C, A CK-595 C
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