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Logic Concept (K-LC-LK21-100) Logic Concept LENGTH KEYBOARD KEYBOARD LK-21

9,08 лв
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Logic Клавиатура Logic LK-21, гейминг, мултимедийни бутони, USB, черна

15,73 лв
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Тип Клавиатура
Свързване на клавиатурата USB
Безжична Не
Мултимедийна клавиатура  Да
Подсветка Не
Механична  Не

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Logic LK-21

LOGIC CONCEPT company is introducing new gaming keyboard LK-21 that meets expectations even the most demanding customers. While using LK-21 you will forget about the world. Its easy to connect via USB to your PC computer and then delve into virtual universe of games and multimedia. Unquestionable comfort, attractive design, lots of multimedia buttons and separate numeric keyboard makes contact with LK-21 a great pleasure. Combining all these advantages with attractive packaging and competitive price - we receive a perfect product for gamers.

The LK-21 keyboard was primarily designed for users who spend their free time in front of a computer in the virtual world of entertainment. The keyboard will meet the needs of each player cause the most frequently and most important buttons are marked with orange color. It also provides great comfort of spending time with music or movies, while you can easily switch between e-mail and Internet websites. This product is a real opportunity for gaming enthusiasts and fans of multimedia entertainment.


Dimensions: 440mm x 155 mm x 25 mm ;


gaming look
gaming keys in red color
8 multimedia keys
elegant package
separate numeric keypad
USB connector
footpegs for better stability

Compatibility: Windows OS (Windows 98, 2000, XP, ME, Vista, Win7, Win8), MAC OS

Cable length about 1,35m
Weight: 455g
Available colour: black Продукт известен още и като LK 21, LK21
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