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Предлагаме ви Keyboard Logitech G213 RGB Gaming на цена 129.57 лв. ДОСТАВКАТА НА ТОЗИ ПРОДУКТ Е ЗА СМЕТКА НА КЛИЕНТА. Доставката на този продукт е до 72 часа
FeaturesGaming Grade Performance4x faster than standard keyboardsThe G213 Prodigy gaming keyboard features LogitechMech-Dome keys that are specially tuned to deliver a superior tactileresponse and performance profile similar to a mechanical keyboard. Mech-Dome keys are full height, deliver a full 4mm travel distance, 50gactuation force, and a quiet sound operation. The G213 Prodigy gaming keyboard was designed for gaming, featuring ultra-quick, responsive feedback that is up to 4x faster thanthe 8ms report rate of standard keyboards and an anti-ghosting matrixthat keeps you in control when you press multiple gaming keyssimultaneously. Crisp, Brilliant RGB Lighting ZonesChoose from approximately 16.8 million colors A modern keyboard with five individual lightingzones in a spectrum of approximately 16.8 million colors. Change colorsto match your setup, specific games or just to showcase your favoritecolors. Low light leak around the keycaps means more light comes throughthe lettering, making each key more brilliant and easier to find in thedarkSpill-Resistant and durableDesigned for real lifeThe G213 Prodigy membrane and keyframe constructiondesign is built for real life, delivering spill resistance tested to60ml liquid rating. The result is a keyboard built to contend with therealities of everyday gaming. Integrated Palm Rest & Adjustable FeetPlay longerThe two-level angle adjustment lets you set yourkeyboard to the ideal position, while the integrated palm rest relievesdiscomfort or fatigue, so you can keep playing comfortably round afterround. Dedicated Media ControlsPlay, pause, skip, adjustControl your background track without pausing theaction. G213 features dedicated media controls that can be used to play, pause, and mute music and videos instantly. Adjust the volume, or skipto the next song with a touch of a button. Customize with Logitech Gaming SoftwareSimplify your play Logitech Gaming Software lets you customize yourG213 for added convenience and personalization. Set the RGB lighting, save time by assigning multiple functions to certain keys, and muchmore. SpecificationsPart NumberUK English (Qwerty): 920-008091Dansk/ Norsk/ Svenska/ Suomalainen: 920-008090Suisse / Schweizer (Qwertz): 920-008089Français (Azerty): 920-008088Deutsch (Qwertz): 920-008087Español (Qwerty): 920-008086US International: 920-008093Warranty Information2-Year Limited Hardware WarrantySystem RequirementsWindows® 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7
USB port
Internet connection for optional software downloadPackage ContentsGaming Keyboard
User DocumentationTechnical Specification Spill resistance:
Tested with 60ml liquid spillage Connection Type:  USB 2.0
USB Protocol:  USB 2.0
USB Speed:  Full Speed
Indicator LIghts (LED):  Yes
LCD Display: No
Backlighting: RGB
Cable Length (Power/Charging):  1.8 M
Physical specifications
Height: 218 mm
Width: 452 mm
Depth: 33 mm
Weight: 1000 g
Гаранция: 24 месеца Продукт известен още и като Prodigy G 213, ProdigyG213


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