Logitech Wave Corded Keyboard Клавиатури

Logitech Wave Corded Keyboard

Logitech Wave Corded Keyboard Клавиатури

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Why to Buy
Created for hands just like yours
Sales benefits
Innovative keyboard with a wave design that cradles your hands naturally
Wave-shaped contour of the keys comfortably cradles your fingers
The curved layout, featuring consistently sized keys, lets you type with confidence and comfort.
Cushioned, contoured palm rest helps position your hands comfortably on the keyboard.
Adjustable keyboard height for personalised comfort
Dedicated one-touch access to key Windows Vista features
USB connection; Windows XP, Windows Vista or Mac OS X (10.3. 9 )
Documentation in English
A revolutionary advance in keyboard design, the Logitech Wave Keyboard incorporates three key elements wave key design, constant curve and contoured palm rest that instinctively guide your hands into a natural position for enhanced comfort and productivity. The full-size, full-travel keys are designed for remarkably quiet operation. The cushioned palm rest provides extra support and can help reduce fatigue, and the three-way adjustable tilt legs let you choose a keyboard angle that maximises comfort. Dedicated one-touch hot keys provide easy access to your digital music and to many Windows Vista features, including Flip 3D, Zoom, Photo Gallery, and Gadgets. Programmable F-keys can instantly open your favorite applications, games, folders, and web pages.
Package Content
Logitech Wave Keyboard
Plastic keyboard dust cover
CD with software, comfort guidelines and help center
Quick-Start Guide
Full product support
Technical Specifications
PC with Windows XP, Windows Vista or Macintosh computer with Mac OS X (10.3. 9 or above)
1 available USB port
CD-ROM drive Продукт известен още и като WaveCordedKeyboard

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