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Fury Геймърска клавиатура Fury HORNET NFU-0865 (NFU-0865)

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Natec Геймърска клавиатура Fury Hornet, Черна (NFU-0865) (NFU-0865)

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NATEC Fury Hornet keyboard for gamers (NFU-0865)

10,19 лв
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Fury Gaming Keyboard Hornet NFU-0865

14,10 лв
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Тип Клавиатура
Безжична Не
Мултимедийна клавиатура  Не
Подсветка Не
Механична  Не

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NATEC Fury Hornet keyboard for gamersDescriptionOR LEAD IN THE VIRTUAL BATTLE FIELDEvery player, in order to work effectively on virtual battlefields and perform increasingly complex missions, needs effective tools that give him an advantage already at the start. That's why the Fury brand has created a series of functional keyboards for gamers. FURY HORNETThe Fury Hornet Functional Gaming Keyboard is a well-balanced combination of strength and responsive keystrokes, giving the player a powerful weapon for conquering the virtual world. GOOD REACTIONThanks to the high jump, each of the 104 Hornet keys reacts very quickly. This will allow the player to play even better and can decide the final victory. PROTECTION BEFORE USEThe keyboard is equipped with a water drainage system when accidentally flooding keys. Thanks to the special grooves the water will be drained out. PERMANENT KEYSEach of the keys on the Hornet keyboard is additionally covered with a lacquer layer that increases the service life and prevents the keys from being quickly worn down, even when used frequently. GAMING CHARACTERThe Hornet has been designed to bring players' equipment straight to life. The design and the keypads highlighted in blue make every player feel good under the fingers of this extraordinary weapon. Характеристики
Mouse included:Не
Мощност:USB 5V
Dimensions:149 x 24 x 443 mm
Other features:- Number of keys: 104- Key mechanism: Diaphragm- Length of cable: 150 cm- Profile: Wysoki- Supported operating systems: Win. 98, Win. 2000, Win. XP, Win. Vista, Win. 7

Продукт известен още и като Fury Hornet NFU 0865, FuryHornetNFU0865, Fury Hornet (NFU 0865), FuryHornetNFU-0865
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