Deepcool Dukase

Deepcool Dukase

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The new Deepcool Dukase chassis features a special suspension style design and an ODD free metal front panel which not only unifies the whole appearance to create a simple, characteristic appearance but ensures superior ventilation. Meanwhile, the exquisite structure & optimised design make it an excellent choice for PC enthusiasts who want a PC chassis with both high performance and quality aesthetics.  
Quick-move and suspension style designed top panel
Supports 120/240/140/280mm Liquid Cooler installation at the top (LxWxH cannot exceed 310x140x56mm)
Supports Split type Liquid Cooling System installation, position movable mounting holes have been preseted for the installation of water pump & tank
With one fan-speed adjusting switch, you can control 3 fans at the same time
High-quality skin-like electrostatic powder coating offers a superior touch sensation
Amazing side window reveals the interior
Wider space and logical holes offer better cable management
Newly designed metal 3.5 inch HDD bracket
Specially designed LED strip mounting slots for lighting up your rig
Bigger cut out for easier CPU cooler installation
Features a rubber buffer and dust filter for the PSU
1x USB 3.0, 1x USB 2.0 Port Technical Spec Materials   SPCC+PLASTIC (ABS)(Panel thickness: 0.7mm) Product Dimension L482.7×W213.4 ×H504mm Weight Net. :  6.49kg  Gross: 7.77kg 5.25" Drive Bays 2 3 . 5" Drive Bays 3 2 . 5" Drive Bays 3 I /O Panel 1×USB3.0/1×USB2. 0/Audio(HD)×1/Mic×1 Ex pansion Slots  7  (slot covers fixed by screws for easy removing and reuse) Cooling Fans Pre-installed: Rear: 1×120mm fan;  Optional: 
Front: 2×120mm or 1×140mm  
Top: 120/240/140/280mm (L×W×H not exceed 310×140×56mm) Power Supply Type ATX PS2(Length less than 170mm) CPU Cooler Compatibility 170mm height VGA Compatibility 390mm Motherboards ATX /MICRO ATX/MINI-ITX

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