Fractal Design Core 3500 Window FD-CA-CORE-3500-BL-W

Fractal Design Core 3500 Window FD-CA-CORE-3500-BL-W

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Слотове за разширение

Възможност за 5.25" устройство 2


Ширина233 мм
Височина465 мм
Дълбочина517 мм
Тегло8600 г

Поддържани дънни платки

Micro ATXДа
Extended ATXДа

Изводи на предния панел

Брой USB портове2
Аудиожак на предния панел Да
FireWire Не

Още параметри

LCD екранНе
Прозрачна стенаДа

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FractalDesign CORE 3500 ATX BLACK W/WIND

Fractal Design Core 3500 Specifications ATX, E-ATX (up to 295 mm wide) Micro ATX, Mini ITX motherboard compatibility
2 drive bays of 5,25"
4 bays 3.5"- all compatible with SSDs
2 -2.5" dedicated SSD unit position
7 expansion slots
Graphics cards up to 430mm in length may be installed in the upper four slots
With HDD cage in primary position, cards up to 295mm can be installed in bottom three slots
With HDD cage in the secondary position graphics cards up to 260mm are supported in the bottom three slots
Support cooling system: 7 Fan positions (2 fans included)
Filtered fan slots in front and bottom
CPU coolers up to 185 mm in height
Integrated fan controller
ATX PSUs up to 170 mm deep when using the primary bottom fan location for a 140mm fan; when not using this fan location longer PSUs can be used
22 mm of space for cable routing behind the motherboard plate
Thick rubber grommets on all holes on the motherboard plate
Available in Black
Case dimensions (WxHxD):233 x 465 x 517mm
Net weight: 8.6 kg
Package dimensions (WxHxD): 322 x 625 x 540mm
Package weight: 10.1kg Cooling system Front: 2 - 120mm fans (included is 1 hydraulic bearing 140mm Silent Series R2 fan, 1000 RPM speed)
Rear: 1 - 120/140mm fan (included is 1 hydraulic bearing 140mm Silent Series R2 fan, 1000 RPM speed)
Top: 2 - 120/140mm fan (not included)
Bottom: 1 - 120/140mm fan (not included, PSU length limits apply)
Side: 1 -120/140mm fan (not included)
1 - integrated fan controller on the backside for up to 3 fans Water Cooling compatibility Front -Slim 240 or 280mm radiator: 15mm fan spacing required for full fastening, radiators with 20mm fan spacing can be used with only the top half fastened to the case. (with lower HDD cage moved to secondary position)
Front - Thick 240 or 280mm radiators supported with HDD cage in alternate position or completely removed. Motherboards larger than mATX are not fully supported with HDD cage in the tertiary position.
Top - Slim 240mm radiator (with no components on the upper 11 mm on the motherboard that are taller than 38mm)
Top - Slim 280mm radiator with slim fans
Rear - 120/140 mm radiator Front interface 2 - USB 3.0
Audio in/out
Power button with LED (white)
HDD activity LED (white)
Reset button Package contents Core 3500 computer case
Accessory box
User manual Additional information EAN:7350041081975
UPC: 817301011976
Product code: FD-CA-CORE-3500-BL www. fractal-design. com The specification and pictures are subject to change without notice.
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