Neotech 2037

Neotech 2037

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Case dimension: (L*W*H) not include front panel: 380mm*180mm*420mm
Carton dimension: (L*W*H) 475*225*450(mm)
Driver space: 4*5.25, external:2*3.5, internal:4*3.5
Expansion slots: 7 full slot
Space for MB : any types, width up to 244mm
Front port: 2*USB+AUDIO
Feature 1: hand screw backside, easy to open
Feature 2: folded edge, safe for assemble
Feature 3: clips on front panel, screwless design
Feature 4: SECC metal, only one side painting, CE/CB/FCC standard
Container loading: 40HQ: 1500 PCS  Features and Benefits:
Thermally Advantaged Design
Fully frame of reference Intel design guide
Meet Intel 3.4+GHz CPU Thermal Requirement
Big round venting holes for air flow
Optional side and rear cooling fans
side venting air duct
Easy maintenance and installation
Patented screw design for 5.25x 4and 3.5 x2devices
Removable external 3.5x 1 device
Removable internal 3.5 drive (optional)
Screw design for add-on cards, CD-ROM, and FDD
Labor Care , Labor Friendly
Non-angle, non-hurtting hand design,
Deeply pressed molding techniques adopted, and all edges folded for user protection.
Maximum Security
Stander offering padlock loop、supports Kensington lock
USB2.0 FPIO Support
Optional USB2.0/AC97Audio or USB2.0/High Definition Audio FPIO Board
Excellent EMI Solution Technical Parameter :
M/B form factor: microATX /ATX
CPU Type : Intel P4 / Prescott (LGA775)
Intel Celeron, Pentium 4 and AMD Athlon 64/FX
PSU Watts: 400W (ATX12V)
Switches/ Controls: Power ON / OFF , Reset
Indicators : Power & HDD Activity
Slot Openings: 4 / 7 PCI
Cooling Fan: Rear/side: 80mm
Front Panel I/O : USB 2.0: 2 ; Audio ( Option AC97 or HD ): 2
Speaker: Single Speaker (Optional)
Security: Security Lock ;Padlock loop
Construction Material : SGCC/SECC
Тегло: 4.800 кг

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