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Извит екранНе
3D монитор Не
Размер на екрана31.1 инча
Формат на картината17:9
Разделителна способност4096 x 2160
Време за реакция 9 ms
Яркост350 cd/m2
Статичен контраст 1500:1
Зрителен ъгъл178 °


DVB-T тунер Не
DVB-C тунерНе





Размери и консумация

Ширина (с пета)73.5 см
Височина (с пета)43.4 см
Дълбочина (с пета)24.5 см
Тегло (с пета)8.3 кг
Консумация54 W

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Quadruple the Resolution of Full HD. And Then Some.

The ColorEdge CG318-4K displays the DCI 4K standard (4096 x 2160) which is more than four times that of full HD (1920 x 1080). It's ideal for creating, editing, and referencing with 2D and 3D CGI, VFX, compositing, and color grading.

Large 31.1" Screen

Whether you are creating, editing, or checking your work, this screen offers ample space to focus on 4K content. At a dense 149 ppi, it’s suited for not only video but also photo retouching and printing.

Reproduces 98% of DCI-P3

This wide-gamut monitor faithfully reproduces almost the entire DCI-P3 standard used in digital cinema. It also covers 100% of the Rec. 709, EBU, and SMPTE-C standards and 99% of Adobe RGB. What's more, it reproduces the sky blues and lush greens that standard sRGB monitors cannot.


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SelfCalibration Sensor for Hassle-Free Maintenance

Automate your calibration with the SelfCalibration sensor that is housed within the monitor's top bezel and swings down onto the screen only when calibrating. This sensor eliminates the need for a third-party calibration device and works with EIZO’s ColorNavigator 6 and ColorNavigator NX software.




Color Management Software

For individual users such as photographers that require multiple options for monitor profiling and print matching.

More about ColorNavigator 6

Color Management Software

For organizations that want to conduct color management from one location.

More about ColorNavigator NX


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True Black Display

In compliance with the DCI standard, the ColorEdge CG318-4K offers a high contrast ratio of 1500:1 for producing true blacks that are otherwise difficult to display on a typical LCD monitor. When viewing the screen from an angle in a dimly lit room, dark tones typically appear washed out due to the display characteristics of LCD backlights. The CG Series is equipped with a film which allows tones to retain their depth even when viewed from an angle.

Display of blacks from an angle in a dimly-lit environment

Multiple Inputs

With a single cable, the DCI 4K resolution at 60 Hz is supported by both DisplayPort 1.2 inputs and at 30 Hz by both HDMI inputs.

Consistent Color Display with IPS Panel

A large screen monitor often exhibits color shift when viewed from an angle. With an IPS panel, more than one person can view the screen at once with little change in color or contrast.


Uniformity from Corner to Corner

Fluctuations in brightness and chromaticity on different parts of the screen are a common trait of LCD monitors. To counteract this, EIZO's patented digital uniformity equalizer (DUE) technology ensures a Delta-E difference of 3 or less across the screen when the monitor leaves the factory. DUE also counterbalances the influences that a fluctuating ambient temperature may have on color temperature and brightness to ensure stable image display.

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10-Bit Simultaneous Display

With 10-bit simultaneous color display* from a 16-bit look-up table, the CG318-4K can show more than one billion colors simultaneously. This is 64 times as many colors as you get with 8-bit display which results in even smoother color gradations and reduced Delta-E between two adjacent colors.

*A graphics board and software which support 10-bit output are also necessary for 10-bit display. Equipment that supports Deep Color is necessary with the HDMI inputs.

3D LUT for Accurate Color Display

A 3D LUT is included which adjusts colors individually on an RGB cubic table. With the emulation function of ColorNavigator 6 and ColorNavigator NX, the 3D LUT applies a film look to the image so creators can check how it will be seen by their audience.



Stable Color in Just Three Minutes

A typical monitor takes 30 minutes or more for its brightness, chromaticity, and tone characteristics to stabilize. EIZO has shortened the warm-up time to a mere three minutes. Whether you are working in a studio or taking the monitor with you on location, you get reliable color display soon after turning the monitor on.

Individually Adjusted at the Factory

EIZO adjusts the RGB color characteristics of each monitor at its factory to eliminate variation and ensure smooth tonal display.

Save Thousands of Hours in Annual Maintenance

With ColorNavigator Network software, an administrator can centralize management of all CG318-4K and other ColorEdge monitors on a network. For example the administrator can self-calibrate, set color modes, register or edit asset management settings and other tasks whether the monitors are local or remote. This ensures that monitors always have the proper settings and saves hundreds or even thousands of hours in annual maintenance time.

To learn more, visit our  ColorNavigator NX  and  ColorNavigator Network  pages or watch this  animation .

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Broadcast and Cinema Presets

Preset modes for EBU, Rec. 709, SMPTE-C, and DCI ensure you can work in the appropriate color spaces and gamma values. To switch between the presets just push a button on the front of the monitor. With the built-in calibration sensor, you can adjust or maintain the brightness setting for each preset.






Safe Area Marker

A safe area marker designates the area of the screen that will be displayed on any display device. This allows you to confirm that subtitles and other text will be visible.

Available with HDMI inputs only.

Flicker-Free for Reduced Eye Fatigue

The ColorEdge CG318-4K offers flicker-free viewing at all brightness levels. Now you can work without worrying about eye fatigue caused by viewing a flickering screen for long periods of time.

Light-Shielding Hood

The CG Series comes bundled with a shading hood that effectively prevents glare on the monitor's screen caused by ambient lighting. The ColorEdge CG318-4K's shading hood is newly designed and attaches to the monitor magnetically. This allows the users to attach the hood quickly and easily without needing to connect separate parts.




abinet Color



Wide-Gamut LED

31.1" / 79 cm

Native Resolution
4096 x 2160 (1.9:1 aspect ratio)

Viewable Image Size (H x V)
698.0 x 368.1 mm

Pixel Pitch
0.170 x 0.170 mm

Pixel Density

Grayscale Tones
DisplayPort, HDMI: 1024 tones (a palette of 65 thousand tones)

Display Colors
DisplayPort, HDMI: 1.07 billion from a palette of 278 trillion

Viewing Angles (H / V, typical)
178°, 178°

Brightness (typical)
350 cd/m 2

Recommended Brightness for Calibration
120 cd/m 2  or less

Contrast Ratio (typical)

Response Time (typical)
9 ms (Gray-to-gray)

Wide Gamut Coverage (typical)
Adobe RGB: 99%, DCI-P3: 98%

Video Signals

Input Terminals
DisplayPort x 2 (with HDCP Ver. 1. x  6 ), HDMI x 2 (with HDCP Ver. 1. x  6 , Deep Color)

Digital Scanning Frequency (H / V)
DisplayPort: 24.5 - 137.5 kHz, 22.5 - 71.5 Hz 

HDMI: 14.5 - 135.5 kHz, 22.5 - 71.5 Hz


1 ports for monitor control

3-port USB hub

USB 3.0


Power Requirements
AC 100 - 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz

Maximum Power Consumption
140 W

Typical Power Consumption
54 W

Power Save Mode
Less than 9 W

Standby Mode
Less than 9 W

Power Management
Power Save (DisplayPort: Rev. 1.2)

Built-in Calibration Sensor

Features & Functions

Brightness Stabilization

Digital Uniformity Equalizer

Preset Modes
Color Mode (Custom, Adobe RGB, sRGB, REC709, EBU, SMPTE-C, DCI, REC2020, Calibration)

OSD Languages
English, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese

Screen Size (Full Screen, Aspect Ratio, Dot by Dot), Color Adjustment (Brightness, Temperature, Gamma, Color Gamut, Hue, Saturation, Clipping, XYZ Format, Gain, Black Level, Independent 6-Color Control, Reset), Range Extension, HDMI Settings (Noise Reduction, Film Detection, Safe Area Marker, Safe Area Size, Border Color), Auto Input Detection, Menu Rotation, USB CHARGE Port, Power Save, Indicator, Beep, Input Skip, Mode Skip, Signal Switching, Information, DUE Priority, Key Lock, Picture Setup, Signal Format, Zoom, REC709 Gamut warning, All Reset

Physical Specifications

Dimensions (Landscape, W x H x D)
735 x 434 - 583 x 245 mm

Dimensions (Without Stand, W x H x D)
735 x 423 x 65.5 mm

Net Weight
11.3 kg / 24.9 lbs

Dimensions (Landscape with Hood, W x H x D)
754.4 x 443.6 - 592.6 x 361 mm

Net Weight (Without Stand)
8.3 kg / 18.3 lbs

Net Weight (With Hood)
12.2 kg / 36.9 lbs

Height Adjustment Range
149 mm

35° Up, 5° Down


Hole Spacing (VESA Standard)
100 x 100 mm

Environmental Requirements

Operating Temperature
Landscape: 0 - 35 °C

Portrait:0 - 30 °C

Operating Humidity (R. H. , non condensing)
20 - 80 %

Продукт известен още и като ColorEdge CG 318 4 K, ColorEdgeCG3184K, ColorEdge CG318 4K, ColorEdgeCG318-4K, ColorEdge CG318-4 K
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