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Wi-Fi връзка150 Mbit/s
Работна честота 2,4 GHz
Стандарт 802.11b Не
Стандарт 802.11g Да
Стандарт 802.11n Да
802.11ac Не



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Wireless N150 Easy USB Adapter

Connect to your wireless home network by adding a Wireless N150 Easy USB Adapter (GO-USB-N150) to your notebook or desktop computer. Once connected, you can share a high-speed Internet connection and access shared documents, music, and photos from other computers on your network.

Get Connected, Stay Connected

Set up your D-Link networking hardware in minutes using our new Quick Setup Wizard. The wizard will guide you through an easy-to-follow process to install your new hardware and connect to your network.

High-Speed Wireless Network

Connect to a high-speed wireless network with the Wireless N150 Easy USB Adapter and enjoy surfing the web, checking e-mail, and chatting with family and friends online. The Wireless N150 Easy USB Adapter uses Wireless N 150 technology, which offers faster speeds and greater range over the 802.11g/b standards, giving you a faster, more reliable wireless connection.

Connect Securely To Your Wireless Network

To protect your data and maintain your privacy, the Wireless N150 Easy USB Adapter supports WPA and WPA2-PSK encryption which enable you to connect to and access a secure wireless network. This allows you to securely check e-mail, shop, and perform other online transactions with confidence.

Compatibility Assurance

The Wireless N150 Easy USB Adapter provides a high-speed connection to other Wireless N 150 or 802.11n devices and is backward compatible with 802.11g/b, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of wireless routers and networks.

Easy to Install & Connect

D-Link’s Quick Setup Wizard provides easy setup of your USB adapter so you can get connected quickly. Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) sets up a secure wireless connection with the push of a button. WPS eliminates the need for complicated configuration, thus simplifying setup and saving you time and effort. The Wireless N150 Easy USB Adapter can be used on either notebooks or desktop PCs.

IEEE 802.11n
??IEEE 802.11g
??IEEE 802.11b
??USB 2.0

Frequency Range - 2.4 to 2.4835 GHz
Antenna - Printed antenna
Security - ??Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA/WPA2-PSK)
Operating Voltage 5 V DC +/- 10%
Diagnostic LED - Link/Activity
Dimension (L x W x H) - 69.89 x 18.37 x 10.8 mm
Operating Temperature - 0 to 40 ?C
Storage Temperature ??-20 to 65 ?C
Operating Humidity - ??10% to 90% non-condensing
Storage Humidity - 5% to 95% non-condensing

FCC Class B
?Compatible with Windows 7
??WPS Certified

System Requirements

Computer with:
??Windows 7, Vista, or XP SP3
??CD-ROM drive
??20 MB hard disk space
??Available USB port Продукт известен още и като GO USB N 150, GOUSBN150, GO USB N150, GO USB-N150, GO-USB-N 150
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