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Още стоки марка AEG: AEG Непрекъсваеми захранвания (UPS)

Изходна мощност1500 VA
Ефективна мощност1350 W
Тегло19.5 кг
Време на зареждане3 часа

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Highlights & details
  • Needs only 2 HE including battery
  • Graphic display shows the most important UPS characteristics
  • Increased efficiency by eECo and ECO+ operation

The protect D series achieves more than 20% more power in comparison to the conventional UPS systems with a new power factor of 0.9 ind in its operating points. Solid dimensioning of components provides a stable performance and guarantees a steady performance even in the higher bridging time domain. The sovereign AE power electronics makes it a universal application in the entire notes and actives the power range without any significant loss of quality (especially complex loads). The generally enhanced efficiency as well as in the double¬converter modus, I. e. the level the highest security of supply, as well as the power saving ECO and ECO+ modes of operation. These two "high efficiency" modes provide for a lower cooling, lower losses and thus reduced operating costs:
The multi-lingual graphic display supported by its generous dimensions of the readability and user control. It shows the different UPS-values for input, UPS and output. Three LEDs on the top side indicate the current operating status of the UPS. By means of the control panel, the user can directly administrate the UPS and, for example, activate the acoustic alarm. By means of the setup menu outputs can be carried out with the program and the shutdown¬process settings. In addition, an automatic battery test can be planned for example daily, weekly or monthly.

  • Charging can be done with a constant current
  • Trickle charge with constantspg.
  • Temperature compensation
  • 2 separate managed layer consumer current circuits
  • Speed regulated fan including monitoring electronic
  • Automatically phased outputs
  • Parallel operation (RS232 and SNMP)
  • Freely programmable contact and Emergency cut
  • LC display with UPS-status, enquiry of measured values, UPS-control functions, settings menu, event memory and identification query
  • VFI topology (online-UPS, double-converter technology): protects against data loss in case of network problems
  • Ca. 30% higher available performance by 0.9 ind power-factor
  • Enhanced battery charging technique for optimal battery life.
  • Hot-swappable batteries, easy replacement by hinged front cover
  • Additional battery packs for individual adjustment of the bridging time
  • Extension slots for communication cards, parallel operation of RS232/USB and SNMP possible
  • Switchable UPS-outputs with innovative Bolting device mechanism prevent accidental separation of the connected consumers
  • Data logger with date and time, also synchronisation with network time
  • Can also be used as a frequency converter

Included in delivery
  • UPS
  • Mounting bracket
  • 1x mains connection wires
  • 1x power cords (GB)
  • 2x rack rails
  • 1x RS232 cable
  • 3x consumer connection lines
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x instructions
  • 5x licenses for software download.

Technical data
Category19" UPSNominal power1500 VABridging time normal load14 minBridging time, max load5.5 minNo. of outputs6 xPlug typeCold devicesof which battery-buffered6No. of programmable connections4with surge protection6OutputIEC socketWidth482.6 mmHeight88 mmT430 mmWeight19.5 kgApplicationOfficeType6000008436 Продукт известен още и като Protect D 1500 VA 6000008436, ProtectD1500VA6000008436, Protect D. 1500VA ( 6000008436)
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