Eaton EX 1500VA 2U (68184)

Eaton EX 1500VA 2U (68184)

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Изходна мощност1500 VA
Ефективна мощност1350 W
Мощностен фактор 0.9
Максимално изходно напрежение250 V
Тегло20.5 кг

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EATON Pulsar 1500 RT2U UPSMGEPULSAR1500RT2U 68184
On-line double conversion UPS.
Ideal protection for Servers, data storage, network equipment, Telephony, VoIP & Medical equipment - Industrial processes.

* 700 / 1,500VA (2U)
* True On Line
* 0.9 PF
* Hot Swappable batteries
* 2 Load segments
* USB and RS232 ports

Maximum availability

* Configuration. Double conversion on-line UPS with automatic by-pass and power factor correction.
* Powershare. The Pulsar output sockets are individually controlled to provide load-shedding to maximise the backup time and provide remote reboot and sequential start-up as standard.
* Continuous power supply. Hot swappable batteries. The HotSwap MBP (Maintenance By-Pass) module allows the batteries to be replaced without interrupting the power supply.
* Long backup times. 1 to 4 EXB battery units can be added to the Pulsar 1000 or 1500.

Minimum Total Cost of Ownership

* Easy operation. Multilingual display. Access to a wide range of measurements and set-up menus.
* Remote supervision. A wide range of options using the Solution-Pac supplied: SNMP and HTML , ModBus/JBus and relay outputs.

Totally adaptable Pulsar has unmatched adaptability.

* Format. Pulsar is available in tower format or RT2U convertible rack/tower version (for shallow rack mounting).
* Connections. With FlexPDU and HotSwap MBP, the RT2U models can be connected by sockets or terminal blocks. They can be installed as required behind, on the side or on top of the unit.
* Compatible with high power factor loads. Pulsar is rated for 0.9 total power factor (1500VA/1350 W, 1000VA/900W and 700VA/630W)
* Interfaces. USB + serial + remote start/stop + slot for optional communications card.



Rating 1500 VA / 1350 W(1)
Format RT2U (tower/rack 2U)

Electrical characteristics

Architecture On-line double conversion with automatic by-pass and power factor correction

Input voltage and frequency ranges without using batteries:

100/120/140/160 V(2) to 284V - 40 to 70 Hz

Output voltage and frequency:

230V (adjustable to 200/208/220/240/250 V), 50/60 Hz auto-select or frequency converter mode(3)


Inputs 1 IEC C14 (10A) socket
Outputs 6 IEC C13 (10A) sockets

Remotely controlled Powershare sockets:

2 independent groups: 2 + 1 IEC C13 (10A) sockets

Additional outputs with HotSwap MBP FR/DIN/BS/IEC/HW:

4 FR/Schuko sockets or 3 BS sockets or 6 IEC 10A sockets or terminal blocks (HW version)

Additional outputs with FlexPDU FR/DIN/BS/IEC:

8 FR/Schuko sockets or 6 BS sockets or 12 IEC 10A sockets

Batteries (Typical backup times for 50 and 70% of the VA rating)

Pulsar 13 mn / 9 mn
Pulsar + 1 EXB 50 mn / 35 mn
Pulsar + 4 EXB 180 mn / 120 mn

Battery management:

Automatic weekly test (period adjustable using LCD display or in software supplied), automatic recognition of external battery units => continuous maximisation of backup time + deep discharge protection


Indicators and display:
3 LEDS + adjustable multilingual display: display of measurements, access to control and set-up menus

Communication ports:
1 USB port + 1 RS232 serial port and relay contacts(4) + 1 mini terminal block for remote ON/OFF and emergency stop

Communications card slots:
1 slot for NMC Minislot 2006 card (included in Netpack version) or NMC ModBus/JBus or MC Contacts/Serial

Operating conditions, standards and approvals

Operating temperature noise level 0°C to 40°C continuous, 45 dBA

Performance - Safety - EMC:
IEC/EN 62 040-3, IEC/EN 62040-1-1, IEC/EN 60950-1 (RD), IEC/EN 62 040-2 C1 Class

Approvals CE, Tu\"V GS, CB report, UL 1778 cUL CSA 22.2
Dimensions (H x W x D) / Weight 86.5 x 438 x 483 mm / 20.5 kg
Pulsar EXB 242 x 153 x 440 mm / 21 kg
Pulsar EXB RT2U 86.5 x 438 x 483 mm / 24.5 kg Продукт известен още и като EX 1500 VA 2 U 68184, EX1500VA2U68184, EX 1500VA 2U ( 68184)

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