Overmax AERI 2.5

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Overmax air humidfer aeri 2.5 home 4l (ovh-aeri 2.5)

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OVERMAX AIR HUMIDFER AERI 2.5 HOME 4LDescriptionAERI AIR DEHYDRATOR 2.5OVERMAX Aeri 2.5 humidifier enriched with additional functions. Forget about such problems as: dried mucous membranes, problems with the skin, throat or respiratory tract. OVERMAX humidifier prevents all this ailment, has a positive effect on our health and well-being, the device automatically creates the right amount of anions that precipitate pollutants from the air. Rotary nozzleSpecially designed nozzle, respectively improving the distribution of steam in the room. FilterThe ceramic filter ensures proper filtration of water and removes scale, and the air filter catches: dust, dirt and allergens. Optimal performanceMaximum performance with minimal power consumption. The device, thanks to digital sensors, can properly select the working time and power to the room in which it works. Tank 4L / Long workThe large water container ensures maximum working time without user intervention. Automatic humidity controlThe humidifier is fully automatic, the device will select the appropriate parameters to ensure adequate air humidity. The aromatherapy functionTreatment with the use of essential oils that have a bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and warming effect. Night mode / Silent workThanks to the quiet operation, the humidifier guarantees trouble-free air sterilization at night, and the RGB illumination creates a pleasant atmosphere and ensures a good night's sleep. Remote control and displayEasy and quick operation using a remote control and buttons on the housing. The necessary functions like: timer, airflow power or humidity level are displayed on a clear LCD display. Backlight / Night lampIn addition to the sensation in the air, the humidifier thanks to the use of special illumination can also provide an extraordinary visual experience. Характеристики
Тип:Air humidifier
Мощност:25 W
Water container capacity:4 l
Efficiency:300 ml/h
Operating range:40 m2
Max continuously work time:8 h
Steam control:Да
Water level indicator:Да
Automatic shut-off:Да
Special functions:- Night mode- Aromatherapy- Protection against water leakage- Thermometer
Accessories included:- Air humidifier- Remote

Продукт известен още и като AERI 2 5, AERI25, AERI 2. 5
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