Kurzweil SP4-7

Kurzweil SP4-7

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Lightweight 76-key stage piano that features thePC3 series technology with 128 hand-picked programs and dozens of professional quality effect chains taken directly from the acclaimed PC3 product series. It features an organ-length, semi-weighted action with velocity sensitive adjustable keys, a 16-character LCD with front-panel contrast adjust and 16 multitimbral parts (one per MIDI channel). It provides 64-voice, dynamically allocated polyphony, 128 factory presets (including select KB3 organs and KVA synths), 64 slots for user presets, 64 factory MIDI setups and 64 user MIDI setups with 4 programmable zones for split and layers, plus a variety of controllers including a pitch wheel, a modulation wheel, one front panel knob, one switch-pedal input and one continuous control pedal input. Piano provides two 1/4" balanced TRS analogue outputs (24-bits DACs), one rear panel 1/4" headphone output, MIDI in/out and a USB port with complete MIDI functionality that offers user program/setup file transfer to/from PC/Mac and allows for operating system updates. Power cable, switch pedal, USB cable, and four self-adhesive feet are all included. Dimensions: 86 x 289 x 1108 mm. Weight: 11 kg. Продукт известен още и като SP 4 7, SP47, SP4 7, SP 4-7

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