Roland RD-800

Roland RD-800

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Последно известна цена (29.04.2017): 4 000,00 лв

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Power cord, Tremolo, keyboard split point, Master MIDI keyboard controller features; four external pedal connections (Damper, upright tones, OUTPUT (L, Damper pedal (capable of continuous detection), AC In jack, R) jacks: 6,3mm phone type, Stage Piano, MIDI (IN, FC1, and more, USB (MEMORY/WLAN ADAPTOR) port: USB type A, with fast access to essential functions such as tone layering, Amp Simulator, WAV recording/song playback and user memory backup with optional USB flash memory, including a new Concert Grand tone derived from the V-Piano Grand, FC2, PHONES jack: Stereo 6,3mm phone type, FC1, Connector details: OUTPUT (L/MONO, part levels, Colour LCD and panel knobs with LED indicators provide easy visibility on dark stages, 16 parts (4 parts are used in the live set), PHA-4 Concert Keyboard with Escapement and Ebony/Ivory Feel, modern synths, vintage keys, INPUT jack: Stereo 3,5mm phone type, and EXT), Cord clamp, including Virtual Tone Wheel organs, dimensions: 1400 x 367 x 138 mm, and more, 1/4-inch and balanced XLR stereo output jacks; convenient 1/8-inch stereo input for connecting a music player or other device, Included accessories: Owner's manual, OUT1, Pedal (DAMPER, and many others, EXT) jacks: TRS phone type, and more, R) jacks: XLR type, dedicated controls for Live Set selection, SuperNATURAL Piano engine with Individual Note Voicing, Modulation FX, Maximum Polyphony of 128 voices, Over 1100 additional sounds for on stage, wide selection of acoustic pianos voiced for live playing, Intuitive interface designed for quick operation while performing, FC2, THRU/OUT2) connectors, Tone Colour knob provides complex tonal manipulation in real time with a single control, enhanced SuperNATURAL-based electric pianos and clavs with authentic vintage sound and feel, USB (COMPUTER) port: USB type B, equipped with touch-detection technology, Weight 21,7 kg Продукт известен още и като RD 800, RD800

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