Yamaha CLP-525

Yamaha CLP-525

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Digital piano from Clavinova series with 88-key Graded Hammer 3 keyboard with synthetic ivory key tops, that features Real Grand Expression – full realization of the sound, the touch, the pedals and application of technologies that faithfully reproduce the sound of an grand acoustic piano. It utilizes the same hammering system and spring-less mechanism as a grand piano, and the three-sensor configuration. Piano features sample sounds of Yamaha CFIIIS, 3 pedals, 256-note polyphony, Intelligent Acoustic Control that adjusts the sound automatically and allows for balanced sound at any volume level, Smooth Release technology that offers the crisp tone heard when playing staccato as well as the sound produced by releasing the keys more, or Keyboard Stabilizers – exclusive technology for improved keyboard stability and durability that provides natural feel even on the back-end of the keys. Other features include 10 Voices, 4 reverb-style effects, Preset Songs (10 Voice Demo, 50 Piano), 2-track/1 song recording, metronome, or Internal Flash Memory (about 900 KB). Piano is equipped with USB port, 2 headphone outputs, and two 20 W speakers. Music rack and headphone hook are included. Dimensions (without music rest): 1350 x 845 x 414 mm. Weight: 43 kg. Dark Rosewood colour. Продукт известен още и като CLP 525, CLP525

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