OKI MICROLINE ML6300FB-SC (43490003) Принтери

OKI MICROLINE ML6300FB-SC (43490003) Принтери

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Метод на печат Матрични
Wi-Fi Direct Не


Паралелен портДа
Сериен портНе
Wi-Fi Не

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Тегло7.5 кг

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Key specifications

Print speed(cps): Utility: 450 (15cpi); High Speed Draft: 400 (10cpi); Utility: 300 (10cpi); Letter Quality: 100 (10cpi)
Number of copies: Up to 1 original + 5 copies

Full specifications
Other Specifications

No of pins: 24

Printing Characteristics

Columns: 106 (10cpi); 212 (maximum in compression mode)
Character pitch: 10/12/15/17.1/20 pitch and proportional
Graphic resolution: Up to 360 x 360dpi
Print speed(cps): Utility: 450 (15cpi); High Speed Draft: 400 (10cpi); Utility: 300 (10cpi); Letter Quality: 100 (10cpi)
Typeface and Font: HSD, Utility, Courier, Roman, Swiss, Swiss Bold, Prestige, Gothic, Orator, OCR-A, OCR-B
Typestyle: Emphasised, Enhanced, Double Width, Double Height, Italics, Outline, Shadow, Superscript, Subscript, Underline, Overscore

Interfaces and Emulations

Interface: Centronics parallel interface, USB 2.0 (full speed)
Optional interface(s): Serial RS 232C, OKILAN 7120e Network Card or OKILAN 7120e3 Network Card
Emulation: Epson LQ, IBM PPR, IBM AGM

Advanced Fax Features

Continuous paper: Width: 76.2 - 304.8mm / Length: 76.2 - 355.6mm

Paper Handling

Cut sheet paper: Width: 90 - 304.8mm (manual) , 148 - 304.8mm (skew correction) / Length: 55 - 420mm
First printable line (from top of page): Continuous (multi-parts): 2.12mm; Cut sheet (single sheet): 2.12mm
Number of copies: Up to 1 original + 5 copies
Cut sheet paper weight: Single part: 52 to 209gsm, Multi-part: 40gsm
Continuous paper weight: Single part: 52 to 128gsm, Multi-part: 40gsm
Paper thickness: Cut-sheet: 0.36mm, Continuous: 0.36mm
Standard paper handling: Push tractor, Friction feed

General Features

Input buffer 64Kbytes
Power supply Single phase 220 to 240VAC, +/- 10%, frequency 50/60Hz, +/- 2%
Power consumption: Rolling ASCII, LQ Courier: 60W; Sleep mode (no options attached): Max 15W
Noise level 58dB(A)
Dimensions(HxWxD) 210 x 425 x 255mm (does not include the platen knob and stage)
Weight 7.5 kg approx


Print head life: 200 million characters (average) in 10cpi Utility mode at normal 25% duty cycle, 35% page density
Reliability MTBF: 12,000 hours (duty cycle 25%, page density 35%)

EU EMC Directive

Warning! This product complies with EN55022 Class B. However when fitted with the optional network interface card or optional cut sheet feeder, compliance to EN55022 is Class A. In a domestic environment this configuration may cause radio interference, in which case the user may be required to take adequate control measures.

Key Features

Description 24-pin, 106 column dot matrix printer

Продукт известен още и като MICROLINE ML 6300 FB SC 43490003, MICROLINEML6300FBSC43490003, MICROLINE ML6300FB SC (43490003), MICROLINEML6300FB-SC43490003, MICROLINE ML6300FB-SC ( 43490003)

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