Elite Screens Spectrum 90 (Electric90X) Прожекционни екрани

Elite Screens Spectrum 90 (Electric90X) Прожекционни екрани

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Elite screen (ELECTRIC90X) Екран Elite Screen Electric90X Spectrum, 90" (16: 10), 193.0 x 120.7 cm, White

573,45 лв
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Elite screen (ELECTRIC90X) Elite Screen Electric90X Spectrum, 90" (16: 10), 193.0 x 120.7 cm, White

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Elite screen Electric90X Spectrum, 90" (16: 10), 193.0 x 120.7 cm, White (ELECTRIC90X)

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Ширина 190 см
Височина 105 см

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Elite Screen ELECTRIC90X Spectrum Series

The Spectrum Series is the best option for a budget Electric/Motorized front projection screen. The Spectrum Series has 4 inches of top masking to complement the side and bottom borders. This provides a professional effect by properly framing your projected image. Standard Internal Infrared (IR) and Radio Frequency (RF) Receivers for optional RF remote provide total control while maintaining the streamlined simplicity of this product. For added durability and enhanced product appearance, the Elite Spectrum Series uses an all-steel casing construction including the end caps.

The Spectrum Series has various control options that work in conjunction with its Low Voltage Controller (LVC). Its 5-12 Volt trigger port uses a standard RJ45 connection and synchronizes the screen’s drop and rise with your projector’s power cycle. The optional wall box kit can be installed as an external wall-mounted control or use the extended IR EYE receiver for recessed ceiling installations.

Size and Aspect Ratio
16:10 Aspect Ratio
90" Diagonal Viewing Size (76.0"W x 47.5"H)

Screen Material
MaxWhite 1.1 Gain Screen Material is durable and easy to clean
160 degree wide viewing angle for commercial and residential presentations
Black backed screen material eliminates light penetration for superior color reproduction
Black masking enhances picture contrast

Casing & Installation
Durable metal casing - White
Suitable for wall/ceiling installations
Ships fully assembled with 3-prong power connection ready to Plug & Play
Optional 6" - 18" brackets available

Motor System
Synchronized Motor is silent, energy efficient and enhances product longevity

Control System
Infrared remote and wall switch
Internal IR/RF low voltage receivers
3 way wall switch
5-12 volt trigger synchronizes with projector
Optional RF, In-Wall up/down switch and 5-12V controls available Продукт известен още и като Spectrum 90 Electric 90 X, Spectrum90Electric90X, Spectrum 90 (Electric90 X)
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