Western Digital MyNet N900 1TB SP0010BCH Рутери

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My Net
N900 Central
HD Dual-Band Storage Router

All-in-one HD entertainment router with internal storage

Accelerate your entertainment and protect your data with My Net N900 Central.
FasTrack Plus technology delivers smart, real-time prioritization of entertainment traffic while the automatic backup software wirelessly backs up all the PCs in your network to the built-in hard drive. It features combined wireless speeds up to 900 Mbps*, 4 Gigabit ports and one USB port.

- Exclusive
FasTrack Plus FasTrack Plus technology automatically prioritizes your entertainment to accelerate HD streaming. It manages your network traffic for you and delivers the highest quality entertainment even if its all happening at the same time.

- Built-in hard drive for wireless storage
Built-in storage and automatic backup software make it easy and convenient to back up all the PCs in your wireless network while simultaneously streaming, surfing and chatting with friends.

- Top-of-the-line performance
Simultaneous 2.4 and 5 GHz dual bands reduce interference and deliver combined speeds up to 900 Mbps for the ultimate HD streaming. *

- Superior coverage
Range-amplifying technology reduces interference and additional antennas broaden the wireless signal to provide coverage for larger, multi-floor homes.

- 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports
Youll have plenty of high-speed ports at 10x the speed over Fast Ethernet for your connected devices - HD game boxes, media players, Blu-ray Disc players and more.

- USB port
The convenient USB port makes it easy to add external storage, shared printers, scanners and other USB devices to your network.

- More control
My Net Dashboard makes it easy for you to customize, monitor or change your settings of your network.

- Parental controls help protect your family
Use the available parental controls to limit the type of websites your children can view, set access, and time limits for their web access and set Internet security to prevent malware and spyware attacks.

- Keep your network up and running
The included network diagnostics tool monitors your network for you. It continually analyzes common network connectivity issues and helps correct them so you are back up and running quickly.

- Share your network with guests
Set up your own secure wireless hotspot in your home so your guests can wirelessly access your network.

- Easy setup
WDs streamlined CD or browser setup is designed to get you up and running with just a few quick steps. The intuitive user interface is designed for touch screens, making setting up your router on a smartphone or tablet a snap.

- Easily connect and expand your network
With UPnP, its easy to discover and auto-configure other devices on your network to provide the ultimate entertainment experience.

- Push button setup (WPS)
Easily connect new devices to your wireless network with the push of a button. Its as easy as syncing your mobile phone to your Bluetooth device.

- Create your own personal cloud
Combine My Net N900 Central with its built-in hard drive and WDs mobile apps to easily create your own personal cloud. Keep your content safe at home and always accessible from anywhere.

- IPv6-enabled
Future-proof your network with support for the latest Internet Protocol technology.

Wireless frequency - 2.4 Ghz & 5 Ghz
Wi-Fi standarts - IEEE 802.11 n/g/b/a
Wireless Speed - 900 Mbps (450 Mbps +
450 Mbps)

LAN Ports - 4
WAN Port type - Gigabit Ethernet
LAN Port type - Gigabit Ethernet
Категория - External 2.5"
Интерфейс - 1000 Mbps LAN
Капацитет - 1000 GB
Type - Wireless Dual Band
USB storage - Yes (1x USB 2.0) Продукт известен още и като MyNet N 900 1 TB SP 0010 BCH, MyNetN9001TBSP0010BCH, MyNet N900 1TB SP0010 BCH
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