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Sewing machine JUNO E1019 (JUNO BY JANOME E1019)

298,85 лв
+ 4,99 лв за доставка
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(JUNO BY JANOME E1019) Sewing machine JUNO E1019

311,30 лв
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Sewing machine JUNO E1019DescriptionSewing machine JUNO E1019The JANOME JUNO E1019 sewing machine is a basic sewing machine model, easy to use and reliable. Thanks to the 19 most popular stitch programs, the machine works well for most home work. You can easily shorten your pants, tuck the curtains or repair clothes. You can also boldly take on the old clothes and create original new creations from them. This model of the machine is equipped with a modern rotary hook, thanks to which the replacement of the lower bobbin is easier, and in addition, you can always have the amount of thread remaining on the eye. For user's convenience, a threader was also installed to help prepare the machine for work and a small knife used to cut the thread, so you do not have to constantly reach for the scissors. A lot of additional accessories are available for the machine, among others feet, which are exchanged quickly thanks to the Matic mounting bracket. Like other Janome machines, the E1019 is made of very durable and strong components. Model E1019 has gained recognition in Poland thanks to its easy handling and reliability. This is an excellent machine model for beginners, as well as for anyone who expects the machine to be simplicity and trouble-free. Характеристики
Number of stitches:19
Типs of stitches:Ścieg prosty Zygzak Owerlokowy Ozdobne
Free arm:Да
Double needle:Да
Backward sewing:Да
Sewing buttonholes:Да
Sewing zippers:Да
Adjustable stitch length:Да
Adjustable stitch width:Да
Special functions:Semi-automatic hemming holes Built-in knife for thread cutting on the machine casing Adjusting the tension of the upper thread Built-in spooler Work area светлинаing: LED 1-point 4-point transport Disable transport Snap fastening of feet - Matic system
Accessories included:  Creeping foot with adjustable guide (rotating) Zipper foot (rotary hook) Universal foot (rotary hook) Buttonhole foot Janome (rotary, semi-automatic) Spools Set of needles Bobbin lock (small и large) Ripper Screwdriver Foot starter with cable Ръководство за употреба in Polish  
Dimensions:160 x 270 x 360 mm
Тегло, kg:5.2 kg
Other features:Maximum speed: 860 to pierce for a minute Плавно регулиране of stitch width - up to 5 mm Плавно регулиране of stitch length - up to 4 mm Продукт известен още и като E 1019 Juno, E1019Juno
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