Arturia MicroBrute

Arturia MicroBrute

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Compact monophonic 100% analogue synthesizer with 25-mini-key keyboard that utilizes the same oscillator design as Arturia’s Mini Brute synthesizer and 3-waveform LFO (sine, sawtooth, square) with destination attenuator. It features a Voltage Controlled oscillator with new Overtone sub-oscillator and oscillator mixer (Sub, Sawtooth, Square, Triangle), a Steiner-Parker 2-pole multi-mode filter with High Pass, Low Pass and Band Pass modes, and an unique Brute Factor that deliver saturation and rich harmonics. It also utilizes single enhancers: Pulse Width modulation, Ultrasaw that generates fat sawtooth waveforms and Metalizer that brings in extreme harmonics; a fast ADSR envelope generator and a step sequencer with 8 memories, up to 64 steps per memory and tap tempo/rest insert. Mod wheel and Pitch wheel, as well as an Octave selector from-2 to +2 octaves are also provided. Synthesizer offers an external analogue audio input (level pot in rear), CV inputs (Pitch, Filter, Sub-mod, Pulse, Saw animator, Metalizer, Gate in), CV outputs (Pitch, Gate, Env, LFO), a MIDI in with 5-pin DIN connector, a USB MIDI in/out, a 1/4 audio output and 1/8 headphone output. Device is powered by 12V DC 1A power supply.

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