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Compact portable keyboard with 61 dynamic touch keys that provides excellent sound and quality features such as the built-in Hall effect button that applies concert hall reverb to the sound of the keyboard, adding authenticity. Keyboard is ideal for beginners, music enthusiasts or small home recording studios. It further provides 600 built-in tones and 180 lively rhythms, 48-note polyphony, reverb and chorus effects, and 32 registration memories allowing storage of the settings such as tempo, tones or rhythms. StepUp lesson system is perfect for beginning keyboard players, as well as 125 built-in songs to play along with. Keyboard also features metronome, tuner, recorder for real-time recording and transposition +/- 1 octave; two 12 cm speakers with combined output of 5 W, MIDI connectivity, USB port type B, and headphone output for silent practice. Device can powered by 6 AA batteries, or AC adapter (included). Dimensions: 948 x 350 x 103 mm. Weight: 4.3 kg. Продукт известен още и като CTK4400
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