Casio MZ-X500

Casio MZ-X500

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Perfect for the home, studio and live performances, the MZ-X300 offers - like the MZ-X500 - new sounds, innovative effects and new rhythm content created by developers from all over the world. Beside the built-in speakers, that deliver a powerful yet detailed sound, the MZ-X300 features 900 preset tones and 280 rhythms. Features5.3-inch touch panel (colour LCD)16 pads (for samples, phrases etc. )1100 tonesMaximum polyphony: 128 notesAuto accompaniment: 330 rhythmsHall, chorus, Delay and DSP-effectsTouch Response (3 sensibility levels, off)Layer- and split-functions61 standard-size keysMIDI- and audio recorderUSB flash driveSpeakers: O 12 cm x 2 + O 5 cm x 2 (Output 20 W + 20 W)KeyboardNumber of keys, type 61 standard-size keysLayer, Split YesTranspose 2 octaves (-12 to 0 to +12)Octave shift 6 octaves (-3 to 0 to +3)Key off velocity YesSound source Number of tones 1100Melody tones795Drawbar organ tones 75Drum sounds30Maximum polyphony 128 notesTouch response 3 sensitivity levels, offTuning 415,5 HZ to 440,0 Hz to 465,9 Hz (0,1, Hz units)Temperament Equal temperaments plus 16 other typesDisplay5.3-inch touch panel (5.0 inch 528 x 320 dot TFT colour LCD)EffectsReverbYesChorusYesDelayYesDSP Yes4-band-equalizerYesAuto accompanimentNumber of auto accompaniment330Music PresetData items305 preset, 100 userDemo Song6PadsNumber of pads16SamplesYesPhrasesYesMIDI RecorderFunctionsReal-time recording, playbackNumber of songs100Number of tracks17CapacityUp to approximately 50.000 notes per songRecorded data protectionBuilt-in flash memoryMIDI recorder volume levelAdjustableAudio RecorderFunctionReal-time recording and playback to USB flash driveSongs100 filesApproximately 90 minutes maximum recording per file Продукт известен още и като MZ X 500, MZX500, MZ X500, MZ-X 500

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