CME UF60 Classic

CME UF60 Classic

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Master keyboard from UF Classic series with very attractive design that features the end pieces finished in tough black shellac – just like a traditional piano. It features 61 semi-weighted velocity-sensitive keys with aftertouch and breath control interface, and UF DP-1 digital piano module with 80-voice sound and the Waldorf Nano Syn Card that contains over 1000 classic Waldorf Micro Q synth sounds – it can be turned into an audio sound card, a tone module, and a full-on synthesizer, complete with real-time control. Master keyboard provides over 20 ser template, non-volatile memories, pitch bend and modulation wheels, 8 assignable control knobs (preset functions including Cutoff/Resonance/Attack/Release/PAN/Reve rb/Chorus/Variation), 9 assignable control faders (preset functions including volume for 1-16 channels and master volume, and drawbar for organ sounds), LED data display with control button (including program, transpose, octave, channel, keyboard split), 6 assignable shortcut knobs and 6 sequencer remote buttons (including REC, PLAY, STOP, FAST REWIND, REWIND AND RETURN TO START, etc). MIDI-out port, breath controller port, sustain pedal and volume pedal jacks are provided, as well as USB MIDI port that is class-compliant for Win XP and Mac OS X (power can be supplied via USB). Dimensions: 1022 x 348 x 113 mm. Weight: 9.8 kg. Black finish. Продукт известен още и като UF 60 Classic, UF60Classic

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