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audio/MIDI interfacing with a computer; MIDI communication with the iPad is possible when using an optional Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit, dimensions: 1415 x 340 x 142 mm, USB connector for computer-/iPad use (requires optional camera connection kit), 1x input jack for external sound singnals 3,5mm jack, Music Workstation and Audio-/Midi Interface 16-Bit / 44.1 kHz, updates, power supply, and Chord Memory functions, and external MIDI devices in real time with six user-assignable Sound Modify knobs, 1x subout 6,3mm jack, export sequencer tracks to an SDHC card as a complete stereo mix, chorus, 2x Controller input 6,3mm jack, Guitar/Mic and Line input jacks for performing, SD Card, 16 pads x 4 banks and direct recording/playback via SDHC cards, Arpeggiator, Rhythm Pattern, Press one button to instantly use with a DAW via USB, Onboard sampler based on Roland SP-404SX, D-Beam, large colour LCD, and reverb, Over 2000 sounds from INTEGRA-7 sound module, and global EQ, SD Card Protector, 1x guitar-/mic input switchable with level controll 6,3mm jack, 16-track sequencer with non-stop loop recording, unique TFX (total effects), main output 2x 6,3mm jack, included accessories: quick start manual, 1x pedal input 6,3mm jack, Tweak tones, Midi in-/output, SuperNATURAL synth engine is fully compatible with the expansive collection of free INTEGRA-7 synth tones available from Roland's Axial sound library site, effects, sampling, USB ports for sound expansion data, including SuperNATURAL synth and acoustic tones and drums; add even more tones via internal wave sound expansion slots, 88-note Ivory Feel-G Keyboard provides premium weighted-action performance in a lightweight design that's easy to transport, USB connector for updates via USB stick, or as multitrack audio or MIDI data for use in DAWs, 16 independent MFX engines, and DAW audio recording; dedicated input reverb provides ambience for performing/recording, 6 COMP+EQ processors for drums, 1x headphones 6,3mm jack, weight: 16,5 kg Продукт известен още и като FA 08, FA08
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